Toronto police identify man, 30, shot to death in northeast Scarborough

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Toronto police identify man, 30, shot to death in northeast Scarborough

Toronto police have identified a man, 30, shot to death on Tuesday night in northeast Scarborough.

Brandon Clarke was found found dead overnight in the area of Gennela Square and Morningview Trail, near Morningside Avenue and Old Finch Avenue, in Toronto's Malvern neighbourhood.

Det. Jeff Tavares, spokesperson for Toronto police's homicide squad, said Clarke was a father and worked full-time. He did not live on Gennela Square but had "interests" on the street.

On Tuesday at 11:57 p.m., police received a call about the sound of gunshots in the area. 

"Mr. Clarke was not immediately found. Once officers arrived on scene, it took a couple of moments to locate him," he said.

Clarke was found suffering from gunshot wounds, he said. 

Tavares could not confirm whether the gunman chased Clarke or whether Clarke ran through the area as he was pursued.

According to Susan McConnell, deputy commander of Toronto Paramedic Services, Clarke was shot several times, was found without vital signs and was pronounced at the scene. 

No security camera video obtained yet

Police are looking for a single shooter.

The suspect is described as a man, between five foot nine and five foot ten, with a slim build, wearing dark clothing. He was last seen going northbound on Gennela Square towards Morningview Trail.

"We still have the scene blocked off as our forensics are carefully going through all of the property and all of the areas that we believe our deceased and our single shooter were observed being in," Tavares said.

Police have not been able to obtain security camera video yet, he said. Officers are still canvassing the area.

Gennela Square is shaped like a "lasso" and police have closed off the entire area to look for evidence. Police believe Clarke and the gunman were within the entire street.

3 men shot dead in same area in July

Earlier this year on July 23rd, Two men were killed at a birthday party barbecue in the same area. Rinaldo Cole, 33, and Dwayne Campbell, 30, both of Toronto, were Toronto's 24th and 25th homicides of the year.   

Demal Graham, 25, was shot and killed later that same day only minutes away near Empringham Drive and McLevin Avenue.

Tavares said he has no information that would link Clarke's death to the three homicides earlier this year.

"It will be something that we will explore," he said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Toronto police's 42 Division at (416) 808-4200.