1Password team-up with Privacy.com lets you create burner cards

·Associate Editor
·1 min read

1Password has announced its partnership with Privacy.com, which is a service you can use to create virtual credit cards to make shopping online a lot safer. The team-up integrates Privacy.com’s capabilities into 1Password, giving you a way to generate burner cards from within a browser that’s installed with the 1Password X extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave. (It’s also coming to 1Password for Safari in the future.) And, yes, the password manager will save the card details you create, so you can use them again for any transactions on the website you created them for.

You can create a card specifically for Netflix, for instance, and then use it for monthly payments. For extra protection, the feature will allow you to set a spending limit, though you can program it so that limit is replenished regularly for subscriptions.

It’s a useful feature to have, but take note that since Privacy.com is only available in the US, you can only take advantage of it if you’re in the country. For now, at least — 1Password’s announcement hints at Privacy.com’s expansion to more regions in the future. The password manager is giving new users a 25 percent discount and giving current 1Password customers new to Privacy.com 3 months of Privacy Pro for free. The burner card creator has a free tier, though, and you can simply switch on 1Password in your Privacy.com settings if you already have an account.

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