1-week-old baby goat bounces along with his mother

Hamish's Farm in Keene Ontario is a wonderful place, home to a variety of animals. All of them act more like pets than farm animals. The goats are no different and they wander around the farm acting a lot like puppies. Violet, the Lamanche goat, at the beginning of the video is jealously begging for attention like an affectionate dog, but today, she is not the star of the show. Lenny, a one week old baby goat is so new that he has barely gotten used to his legs. Lenny is so young that he resembles a plush toy with his soft fur and adorable face. He will follow the mother goat closely, never letting Mom out of his sight. Mom is his protection and his food supply and this demanding little baby will nurse almost constantly in the first few weeks.

Baby goats are happy creatures and they are as likely to bounce joyfully as they are to walk. They are energetic and entertaining and one of the cutest creatures alive.

Hamish's Farm is home to horses, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, peacocks and an outrageous cockatoo named Syd. Of all the animals on the farm, Syd seems to be the one in charge. He fears nobody, including the dogs and makes more noise than all the other animals combined.

Tragically, Hamish's barn and house burned to the ground in a fire in November 2016, but Hamish and his mother, Getrud managed to save all of the animals and continue running the farm while they rebuilt. The animals are still thriving and the farm is nearly back to normal. Hamish and Gertrud love their animals dearly and treat them like family. All of them have names and unique personalities and all of them follow the two around the farm affectionately. Lenny will have an amazing life on this magical farm!