10 Excellent iPad Apps You Should Download Right Now

James O'Brien
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1. AudioNote

1. AudioNote

Taking notes at a meeting, meet-up or conference? AudioNote lets you link audio recordings to the notes you keep along the way. Later, select a place in your typed notes and the recording from that moment will play. The app also works with a stylus, so you can also link recordings to free-hand notes and drawings. Price: $4.99

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Let's face it, a lot of folks spend their days using their iPads to play Angry Birds and read their email. But your iPad can get you through the day in other ways, augmenting what you do with creative apps for both work and play.

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We assume you've already got some of the basics covered. But these 10 excellent apps take you a bit further into the thick of things than Pages and Instagram alone.

Expand your mobile life — one 16 to 64 GB improvement at a time. And be sure to share additional suggestions in the comments below.

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