Ascripting Publishes 10 female entrepreneurs paving the way in 2021

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Ascripting Publishes  >> 10 female entrepreneurs paving the way in 2021
Ascripting Publishes >> 10 female entrepreneurs paving the way in 2021
Ascripting Publishes >> 10 female entrepreneurs paving the way in 2021

Los Angeles, California, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HYLA NAYERI


Being named on Forbes 30 under 30 list is a notable accomplishment, and one Hyla Nayeri touts with pride. Co-founding 437 at the age of 21, with a few thousand between her and her co-founder, has led to an incredible investment. Now, with over 238K followers on Instagram, media features on Forbes, Cosmopolitan, HYPEBAE, and collaborations with notable celebrities, Hyla Nayeri took 437 swimwear from a dream to a reality. What Hyla would say to female entrepreneurs is that "Manifestation and gratitude are buzz words these days. But they truly are important. Be grateful for where you are now, but never got complacent. Manifest where you want to be, and speak like you’re already there."



Wine tasting at first thought can be a pass time of luxury, and many people don’t partake in it because they don’t relate to that lifestyle. For Lauren Power, she wanted to take the pretentiousness out of wine tasting and bring back the element of social gathering. With her infectious energy, she runs full-sensory in-person and virtual wine tastings that are fun, educational and a creative way to introduce anyone to the world of wine. Lauren gives people the chance to learn the cultures, history and flavours behind wines — leaving guests empowered to make their own wine choices in the future. Lauren’s advice for female entrepreneurs in 2021 is to “Spend your time figuring out who you are. Not who other people are or who they are trying to be. The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to create your own culture & values, on your terms. Being you is your greatest superpower.”



For many, fashion is an art form, and that’s the case for Natalie Servello: fearless founder of Unlabelled Ltd. Natalie — like many — let the opinions of others deter her from pursuing a career in fashion, and initially attended The Ted Rogers School of Business Management. But her passion overruled her fears. She switched lanes and completed her degree in Fashion Communication, adding an editorial branding certificate from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute — one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world — under her belt. She now proudly directs a lifestyle brand that promotes the unconventional in fashion and shows there are no rules or limitations. For Natalie, she’d tell female entrepreneurs that “The fear of not knowing is worse than the fear of failing and trying again. You are your only competition — don’t hold back from making decisions that are entirely yours. You never want to look back and ask yourself, ‘what if?’”



Jurgita Budraityte has an impressive career partnering with clinicians to help them find innovative ways to improve patient outcomes. She was simultaneously growing her personal practice, amidst a year of tumultuous medical activity. At the start of 2021, she co-founded Beyond Health — providing tools and strategies for people looking to improve their health & wellness lifestyle. Combined with the Toronto run community she created, Jurgita is harnessing her passion for helping others and empowering the future! Her advice for female entrepreneurs is, “To stay on your OWN path. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you have a vision, go after it with all that you have. Stop surrounding yourself with negativity. Work with a team. Alone, you can do great things but with the right people, you can create magic.”



Emily Bloom is the founder and creator of Toronto’s first spray tan brand Bronzed by Bloom, with a studio and academy located in the bustling area of Queen Street West. Emily always wanted to create a safe space where her clients could safely get a sun-kissed glow without causing harm to their skin and has amassed an impressive following of like-minded people who want the same. With the pandemic forcing Bronzed by Bloom to close its doors temporarily, Emily is pivoting her business into a DIY self-tanning product that has been gaining popularity in Canada. She advises female entrepreneurs to do the same in 2021; “Be open to pivoting and adapting, because only those who adapt will survive and keeping a positive mindset will allow you to continue to do the things you love in a new creative way.”



Jaclyn Genovese is not your average interior designer; she is a wellness advocate, entrepreneur, and empowers women on a daily basis. She is the founder and CEO of Jacflash: a lifestyle brand that brings beauty to our community’s lives from the inside, out. Under this umbrella, Jaclyn created Spaces by Jacflash: a boutique, award-winning interior consulting firm servicing houses, condos and commercial spaces with creative/art direction, merchandising and more; and Fitness by JacFlash: a sisterhood for women of all ages to get mentally, physically and spiritually strong. Jaclyn recently opened a boutique gym The Studio, continuing her journey to help women feel supported, confident and powerful. Jaclyn’s advice is “Build and trust your intuition, don't worry about what anyone thinks about you or what you’re doing. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and be so completely yourself that others feel comfortable enough to be themselves around you too. Also, don’t see other women as competition, even if they work in the same field as you. When we all work together, we can learn from one another, give each other contacts and even help to refer each other to clients/customers!”



25-year-old twins Alexandra and Rebecca Pisano have always had a passion for impacting others with peace, positivity, motivation, and kindness every day. The pair are health and wellness ambassadors with a lifelong vision to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives, which was a catalyst to their partnership with a global leading cellular nutrition company. They also support their local community through their curated account epick: a place where thoughtful consumers can experience Canadian artisans. When they’re not supporting local businesses, they’re hand-making crochet items with love through their Twinning Made business. Their pieces of advice for other female entrepreneurs is to “Have a strong belief in yourself, what you are doing in the business world and in your own personal life. If you are able to have a powerful belief system, this will help you better impact the world.”



With an entrepreneurial touch from the age of 14, Toronto-native Serina Green took her love of braiding to a lucrative six-figure business at the young age of 23. Serina is a travelling hairstylist that has worked with celebrities like Grammy award-winning producer Wondagurl; NBA players OG Anunoby, Andrew Wiggins, and Stanley Johnson; MLB classics like Marcus Stroman of the New York Mets, Matt Kemp, Bo Bishette; and many more people. Now, at the age of 24, Serina styles and has a line of hair care products and essentials, making her an inspiring young female entrepreneur to watch in 2021. Her main goal is to empower men and women to embrace and enjoy their hair through proper hair care maintenance.Serina’s advice to other female entrepreneurs is “Push your product wholeheartedly and believe in your brand. People only accept what they can trust.”



Starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart — but if anyone has the skill to do that, it’s Anna Maria Gaita. With over 10 years of experience in sales and business development in the Canadian and European markets, Anna Maria Gaita has innovated and strategized products & services and consulted businesses. After her experience working with an A Series startup, she considered the career of entrepreneurship — and that was the beginning of the journey to co-founding Neighbourhood Creative and other businesses. If it weren’t for her experiences, her life may look different from how it does today; and Anna values those experiences: Everything that happens to you will serve you a purpose in your life! Take the good and the bad, they will form you into a unique masterpiece. Bringing your experiences and resilience into your business mindset will make all the difference.”



Zhanna Redneva has been using her platform to share knowledge that empowers young women to be meaningfully authentic and more self-confident. Zhanna used the lockdowns as an opportunity to pivot to social media, sharing her playful side to her 250K combined followers on Instagram and TikTok. Sharing insight on the modelling industry, and delivering fashion and beauty content in a unique way, led to Zhanna amassing her loyal following in under a year. By creating a combination of educational and engaging content from the comfort of her room, Zhanna inspires many to seek out their dreams and create the life that they want for themselves. Zhanna’s advice is “Don’t compare your day 1 to someone’s day 100. The hardest part is starting, and constantly comparing yourself to what others are doing can seriously set you back from your own journey. Focus on yourself, and be yourself — the rest will follow!”

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