10 ways to get on Parliament Hill's naughty list

Who needs a break? Perhaps our MPs do, if their behaviour near the end of this fall sitting of Parliament is any indication.

(They'll be getting one – a long one – after next week, when the House of Commons breaks and isn't scheduled to return until the end of January.)

But foul language and testy tempers are hardly uncommon on Parliament Hill, where it's almost a cliché to chide MPs for acting like children and plead for decorum more suited to the seriousness of the national business at hand.

That's how things started off in the early days after the 2011 election. Remember NDP MP Pat Martin's "Opto Civitas" buttons? New Opposition Leader Jack Layton's pledge that the hostile minority government years would be replaced with a new era of civil debate, including a ban on heckling from the NDP benches?

It didn't last, of course. By the end of the year, the complaints about decorum were back. So was the name-calling.

Wednesday night's dust-up is only the latest to join Parliament Hill's naughty list. Time out, anyone?

From the cbc.ca archives: Political insults: a short history of personal attacks

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