Are you 100 or older? Windsor wants to celebrate you

The City of Windsor is searching for some of its oldest living residents to help celebrate them as part of the city's 125th celebration. 

A special centenarian call out was issued Wednesday afternoon, looking for residents who are 100 years old or older.

Mayor Drew Dilkens kept details of the celebration to himself Wednesday, but said it's important to recognize the people who have been in the city through so many changes.

"They are a significant part of the history," he told CBC News. "They've been here and seen many things, from prohibition, the Ford strike to the Great Depression and recessions." 

Residents 100 or older are part of a generation that defined the city, according to the mayor, who said he wants them to be part of Windsor's 125th anniversary celebration.

"We want to identify those folks and we want to do something really special for them," he said.