11 Casualty spoilers for double episode next week

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11 huge Casualty spoilers for double episode BBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Casualty is airing a double episode next Saturday (September 2) as Max's health problems worsen and Faith is finally caught out.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Max's health problems intensify

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Donna and Max flirt following their night of passion. As the chemistry between them heats up, a woman called Ella comes into the ED with her son Isaac, who is limp and not breathing properly.

Max picks Isaac up and rushes him to Resus, but the physical effort makes him woozy. He later stumbles back to his office and collapses.

2. Dylan worries about Max

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Dylan finds Max on the floor barely able to speak.

As Dylan treats Max in secret, he urges him to go home, insisting the ED is no place for needless heroics. Max is struck by Dylan's concern; realising that Dylan genuinely cares about him and their friendship.

Dylan later finds Max to give him his test results, which don't bring good news.

Max immediately goes back into denial mode, but Dylan is determined to make him see sense. He urges Max to consider a transplant, suggesting Jodie as a possible donor.

3. Natalia grows suspicious of Faith

faith cadogan, casualty

Natalia questions why Stevie is helping Faith out so much. Stevie comes up with an excuse, but Natalia is left suspicious.

At the ED, Stevie relays that she spoke to Natalia and urges Faith to tell her daughter what's going on.

Natalia later arrives at the hospital, determined to find out what's wrong with her mum.

4. Max makes some worrying discoveries

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Max witnesses a moment between Dylan and Donna. Realising Dylan may have feelings for Donna, a guilty Max tries to talk to her about their situation – but he's whisked away to meet Dr Burton for a prognosis.

Unaware that Max is the patient in question, Dr Burton is brutal with him about his options. He tells Max that, without a transplant, the patient's chances of being here in a year are slim.

Unable to process what's happening, Max later meets with Donna and they kiss again.

5. Faith's lie spirals out of control

With Natalia growing increasingly distressed, Stevie steps in and tells her that Faith has cancer.

When Natalia leaves, Faith focuses her rage on Stevie, who is adamant she did the right thing.

Stevie later apologises and acknowledges that telling Natalia was Faith's choice to make, not hers.

A frantic Faith insists that it wasn't meant to go this far, leaving Stevie confused as to what she meant.

6. Stevie discovers the truth

stevie nash, casualty

Convinced that Faith is hiding something, Stevie phones Faith's oncologist – Dr Penrose, only to discover she is on maternity leave.

Stevie is floored to realise Faith has made the whole thing up and doesn't actually have cancer.

7. Teddy proposes to Paige

teddy, casualty

Still insecure about Paige kissing Sah, Teddy asks Gethin for advice.

Gethin tells Teddy that if he likes Paige then he should go for it, because life is too short.

When Teddy and Paige have to work together to deliver a baby during a power cut, Teddy's insecurities come flooding back.

He then impulsively asks Paige to marry him, but what will she say?

8. Stevie turns to Iain

iain dean, casualty

As a storm howls outside the ED, Stevie hints to Faith that she knows about the lie.

Faith unknowingly plays along with it and asks for space, leaving Stevie crushed by the betrayal.

Concerned, Stevie approaches Ian and tells him that she thinks Faith is taking drugs again.

9. Max's mum arrives

jodie whyte, casualty

Max is shocked when his mum Stella arrives in the ED and is looked after by Jodie.

Stella is intrigued that her granddaughter is treating her, but Max squashes any hope of them meeting.

When Stella realises Max is ill again, she goes into protective mode and questions if Jodie is a match for him.

Max remains adamant that Jodie can't find out, reiterating that she has suffered enough and he doesn't want to hurt her.

10. Stevie makes a difficult decision

max , casualty

Stevie keeps a watchful eye on Faith throughout the tense shift, but grows further concerned when it's clear Faith's addiction is impacting her work.

When patients begin to suffer as a result, Stevie realises that she needs to tell Max what's going on.

Faith tries to counter Stevie's argument, insisting that Stevie also knew the risk to patients and is partly to blame here.

They wait pensively until Max opens the door and they realise someone has beaten Stevie to it…

11. Jodie has a surprise reunion

jodie whyte, max, casualty

Staying loyal to her son's request, Stella is cold to Jodie, which upsets her.

Feeling guilty, Stella later apologises while simultaneously defending Max by explaining that he isn't well.

Max is quick to stop the conversation in its tracks when he spots them chatting, but are the dots finally connecting for Jodie?

Casualty will air these scenes on Saturday, September 2 at 8.30pm and 9.20pm on BBC One.

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