14 jurors chosen in high-profile murder trial of Dalhousie student

Fourteen jurors have been selected to decide the fate of a Halifax man who is about to go on trial in a high-profile case dealing with the slaying of a Dalhousie University student.

Seven women and seven men have been chosen to hear the case of William Sandeson, who is charged with first-degree murder in the 2015 death of 22-year-old Taylor Samson.

The Crown is expected to give its opening address in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Halifax on Thursday.

Once jury selection was completed Wednesday, Justice Josh Arnold gave the jury instructions on what to consider in deciding Sandeson's case. Arnold ordered jurors not to follow media reports about the case, post about the case on social media or discuss it with anyone.

Trial expected to last 32 court days

Two alternates — a man and a woman — were also selected from the pool of about 315 prospective jurors who were summoned for jury selection. The process began Tuesday.

Much of the day was taken up by requests from people who asked to be excused from serving on the jury for a variety of reasons related to health, financial, language or other issues.

By the end of Tuesday, six jurors had been selected and about 100 people were told to return to court Wednesday morning for the continuation of jury selection.

The trial is expected to last 32 court days.

Sandeson was charged with first-degree murder on Aug. 20, 2015, four days after Samson was reported missing. Samson was a physics student at Dalhousie University and Sandeson was about to begin his first year at the university's medical school when he was charged.

The CBC's Sherri Borden Colley live blogged from court.