14 Designers Who Need To Lose Their Job For Designing Something So Idiotically Dangerous

14 Designers Who Need To Lose Their Job For Designing Something So Idiotically Dangerous

1.This lighting design that burned the grass and could burn other things:

Lamp post in a garden with trimmed hedge and lawn, sunlight casting a shadow
u/CoopDaWoop / Via reddit.com

2.This car with brake lights that are so low people driving behind them often won't see it:

A car with lights very low on the bumper
u/tangre79 / Via reddit.com

3.These intersecting staircases:

A staircase with a turn, that leads to more stairs but without a safe flat platform
u/Opposite_Strategy_43 / Via reddit.com

4.These anti-homeless, anti-loitering parking blocks that could cause a gruesome accident if someone tripped near them:

Concrete barriers with metal spikes to deter skateboarding or sitting
u/Your1405 / Via reddit.com

5.These nearly identical bottles for toilet cleaner and dish liquid:

Bottles of Earth Choice cleaning products, one for toilets and one for dishes, mistakenly placed together
u/Jonlevy93 / Via reddit.com

6.These mug handles that are near impossible to keep a steady grip on:

handles of the mugs are letters and not easy to grip

7.This slide that was placed in front of a pole so kids can slide down and risk a chance of hitting it:

slide leading straight to a metal pole
u/cheekymrs / Via reddit.com

8.This trippy tile design that could make someone lose their balance:

Sidewalk with an optical illusion of a wavy pattern created by contrasting paving stones
u/ahjumTaeng / Via reddit.com

9.This stainless steel bench on the beach that will scorch anyone's skin on a hot summer day:

Semi-circular outdoor metal bench
u/unfederica / Via reddit.com

10.This button for two-year-olds that's so small it's a choking hazard for anyone under three:

  u/Mozzarella_Firefox / Via reddit.com
u/Mozzarella_Firefox / Via reddit.com

11.This bathtub that basically acts as a pit someone can slip and fall into:

in-ground tub
u/uglyassdude / Via reddit.com

12.This sidewalk a neighbor wanted to upscale that turned out to be a slipping hazard:

stone walkway with cones to caution for slips
u/KSMO / Via reddit.com

13.These stairs that are at a 45° angle which makes them easy to trip on, not to mention the gaps on the side that people's feet can slip into:

A staircase with metal handrails on both sides leading upwards
u/BeneficialNatural610 / Via reddit.com

14.And lastly, this bike lane that suddenly ceases to exist:

Bicycle lane leads to a patch of grass suddenly