This 16-inch home-invading rat is a thing of nightmares

Nicola Byrne

If this thing appeared in our home we’d have no choice but to burn the whole thing down. Nay, just burn the world, there’s no recovering from it now.

According to The Sun, a Swedish family faced with the nightmarish invasion of a 16-inch rodent were horrified when the monstrous thing resisted their attempts to kill it.

Naturally, upon discovering the pest, the family set a trap. Imagine the horror when the mutant broke through it to stumble behind the cupboards with the metal clasped around its neck.

Signe Bengtsson-Korsas said “It was a monster, the worst thing I have ever seen”.

Eventually the demon incarnate stopped squeaking and was recovered from behind the dishwasher.





scream reaction

Eric Bengtsson-Korsas said that in the end, they found it lifeless and slowly strangled, “Then we felt a bit sorry for it”.

The traps were initially set up by pest control after the family complained of the rodent chewing through pipes and flooding the kitchen. It’s believed to have gotten in the house through a ventilation pipe which is now, wisely, blocked up.

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