16 Steamy Acts That Made Couples' Sex Lives Turn From Mild To Wild, Wild, Wildddddd

Recently Reddit user PM_LEAKING_CREAMPIES asked the community, "Committed couples who have taken their sex lives from mild to wild, how did you do it and what are you into now?"

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Fortunately for us, folks didn't hold ANYTHING back and revealed how they spiced up their sex lives.

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And honestly? You should get out your pen to take some notes (I know I already did).

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So, here are some couples who tried some naughty acts that made their sex lives 100x better:

Note: These submissions don't reflect a universal experience of sex acts people enjoy. Everyone's story is different.

1."I was giving her a massage one day and asked if I could shave her butthole — I used my electric shaver to do it. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but it vibrates a lot. Next thing I know she had me shaving everything down there bald, and came, like, four times during the process. After that we just started trying new things every few weeks."


2."It was pretty much straight missionary for the first few years, then we opened it up to sex toys and vibrators. Then we moved on to different positions, like doggy and prone. A year ago I was fingering her, and I just started massaging her asshole and slid my thumb in — now that's a fairly regular part of foreplay. And just last night, same deal: I was fingering her, she says, 'No asshole tonight.' So, I used three fingers...then four...then I had my whole hand in her. We talked about how far we have come in our sex life afterwards, and we were so proud and amazed at how things have progressed from boring, mild, vanilla sex to fisting and ass play."


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3."My girlfriend and I have never been 'super' vanilla (she likes being tied up — nothing super wild). But, she started an OnlyFans account in the summer, and it's been doing wonders for us! She's gained a ton of self-confidence. She'll do a photoset and get herself all worked up, then she sends me the pics, and I get all worked up. She's been getting a lot of requests for more explicit stuff, so that's leading to more experimentation for us. I recently started my own account on OnlyFans so I can appear in her content. Did not expect that I'd be doing such a thing, but I'm into it!"


4."I used to just pull my pecker out the front of my pajamas because I was worried she’d see my hairy ass. I ended up getting my ass hair lasered off, shaved my head, and got a goatee all in one month. To say I’m drowning in pussy would be an understatement at this point."


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5."I call it 'the restriction game.' She has to pick a number of times she can ride me (for example, she’ll start off with 10 and can only ride 10 times). She has to count (in her head, but usually ends up being out loud as the number increases and she’s concentrating). The rule is she has to stop at 10 (or whatever the number you both choose). You then decide on the next number, and she has to go up and down only that amount of time. She has to stop herself, or it’s over if she 'cheats.' Usually, you want to give her less than she wants, so if she’s, like, '25' you’ll say, 'Nah, you only get 15 — so make sure you go slow and concentrate and don’t you dare go over.' She’ll end up concentrating and focusing on it so hard that she’ll cum super hard. It’s hands down the best trick I ever came up with."


6."Edibles. It's not really wild, but oh my god, orgasms feel so much better (and actual sex feels so much better for me). I'm a lady, and my boyfriend (21 years together) always pleasures me first and is amazing in bed. But penis in vagina sex just always felt meh inside — now it's a lot better. After having an orgasm, it's great. I'm 95% of the time on top."


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7."I don’t know exactly how we transitioned into being deviants. We always had a perfectly passable sex life, but it was always pretty vanilla (and I don’t think either of us were entirely happy with it). It was really the one spot in our mostly awesome marriage where we had some amount of frustration. Somewhere around 12 years in, we both read about half of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence by Esther Perel and decided on a whim to go to a sex club. We never finished the book, but we’ve been doing that every once in a while for a couple of years now. We still don’t have sex with other people, but having sex around other people is a pretty good time. And, it’s really made us a lot hotter for each other in the 99.5% of the time when it is just us. We’re much freer discussing our desires because the boundaries have been pushed so far already."


8."We started off vanilla, and then we started inviting people in. We get to try new things that other people bring us, but we also get to fuck other people while still being completely in love with each other. We have very open communication — no strings attached. Casual sex with mutual friends."


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9."Reaching a level of trust where both people are comfortable speaking up about the things they'd like to try is such a game-changer. For me, the biggest turn on is feeling that I'm really pleasing my partner, so there aren't many things I wouldn't try — the experimenting has been a lot of fun! She initially showed the initiative, which for me gave me the trust to speak up about things I wanted to try as well. It started with being naughty in public — just some light strokes and touches where no one else could see (also having her wear dresses without panties)."

"This evolved into sex toys that can be controlled from a cellphone. Initially it was for her, but now we have a few different ones (including one that goes in me).

The bedroom has evolved a lot as well — she really enjoys being choked and sometimes slapped in the face. This was something that took a while for me to feel comfortable with, but now that I see how much it turns her on, I've learned to do it exactly how she likes it, and it's very arousing for me as well.

One of my favorites (which I would recommend to everyone) is a vibrating toy in her ass while having sex. Extra sensation for the both of us."


10."My husband is in his 50s now, and I'm in my early 30s. The sex we had before we got married was quite decent, and I had thought that our dynamic would be like that for the next couple of years and that it would probably change after he'd reach his 60s. I was totally okay with that — I love him so much no matter what. But the wild thing is his sex drive has immensely increased, and we started to try kinky fantasies and incorporate fetishes into our sex life. We use a side-range of toys, accessories, and fetish clothes. We both enjoy a switch kind of dynamic — whoever is the dominant side strongly teases the other, and what it leads to is usually hard sex with lots of orgasms."


11."Took hubby six years to convince me to allow him to enter my 'exit.' Got super stoned and eased into things. It really changed things, like a new level of pleasure that's weird to describe."


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12."One thing that seems to have been a nice little 'ice breaker' is taking turns. Basically we will decide before we start getting intimate/as part of foreplay whose 'turn' it is — whoever's turn it is has to dictate exactly what they want. Basically the other partner won't make any particular advances or make any moves — whoever is 'it' has to say what happens next. It can be as open-ended or precise as they want, but doing this a few times has definitely gotten both of us to be more open physically. It has helped my wife to ask for and get exactly what she wants in the bedroom, when before she felt more timid to do so. It's also a very easy way to keep things playful."


13."For 15 years sex was very, very vanilla. Then my very brunette wife playfully put on a blonde wig that was part of one of our kids' Halloween costumes. She simply said, 'Hi, I’m Genie.' A little corny scene played out, and from that point forward, Genie was her alter-ego who was very different from my wife. We have quite the collection of toys and restraints built up over the past seven years, but we really went off the rails when our youngest left for college. I’m just over 50 and having more (and better) sex than during any other point in my life. Never imagined this is the way things would be."


14."Started using mirrors and it turned into filming ourselves (just for us). It’s been a game-changer — now we try new things to see how hot it looks."


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15."My partner and I started out on a slightly more wild note. We had developed a friendship and a sense of trust and comfort with one another before we became a couple, which helped. But things have gone up a notch hugely since then, and here’s how: We had a conversation about what we were both already into/if there was anything either of us have ever wanted to try. We made a kinky bucket list — we add to it regularly, and we tick things off it regularly. We discuss if we liked certain things we’ve tried or not, and now some of the things from the list are in our regular rotation! We also watched some porn together, which made us either go, 'Nope, can’t do that one' or 'Hell yeah, let’s do that right this second.'"

"We’re now very much into some of the more vanilla versions of rough sex. We like choking, spanking, biting, scratching, temperature play, public sex (out of eyesight, but still risky), anal, spitting in each other's mouths, handcuffs, and blindfolds.

We also make our own sex tapes and watch them back when we fuck (this one seems like it's kinda niche, but I feel like others would do this?)."


16.And finally, "I started reading some of her dirty books. I started adding parts of the characters I was comfortable with to our sex life (figuring out dirty talk for real and not just little bits). Figuring out some CNC stuff — helping her figure out how much she really can and wants to be pushed (because she wanted to be pushed more). She wanted a more 'controlling' person there. She wasn't ever really aware of it, but it's something we learned in the last couple of years. I was never aware how much I would enjoy being that person, either. We've always had great intimacy, but there's a difference now. She's in control of a lot in our house and with what she does for work, so she wants to be controlled in a sexual setting. I am very happy to oblige. Some of the books are great, but some are too much — you need to discuss the ideas beforehand. There is a learning curve, but in the best possible way."


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In conclusion:

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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Let's flip the script a wee bit, folks: Did you have a third party enter your relationship that made *your* sex life go from mild to wild? Share with us in the comments below (or in this Google form) and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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