17 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Rayne gets some new enemies as she continues to scheme, while Cindy is left upset over Dave and Darren considers drastic action over Charlie.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Cindy is left upset over Dave

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Cindy is concerned over whether her feelings for Dave are real or just urges and turns to Diane.

When Dave pops by to drop off a pie, Diane gives the pair a push by texting him from Cindy, inviting him over for lunch.

The two grow closer and Cindy asks if he'd like to stay for pudding, but things don't go well when a strip club card falls from Dave's wallet, and Cindy asks him to leave.

2. Charlie plans his future

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Darren and Shing Lin are shocked to discover that Charlie has applied for music college.

Charlie is excited about the prospect of going to college, but when he's out the way, Darren voices his concerns to Shing Lin about Charlie's mental health taking a turn for the worse if things don't go to plan with his grades.

3. Romeo and Rayne come up with a plan

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A conversation with Zain sparks an idea in Romeo. Romeo tells Rayne and Faye his idea and the influencer manager is keen, but Rayne is concerned about how she'll afford it.

Rayne asks Lacey for money and when it doesn't go to plan, she lashes out with hurtful words to her and Nadira.

Back at home, Romeo confronts Rayne about the way she just spoke to Lacey.

4. Darren considers a drastic move

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It's GCSE results day. Shing Lin wonders where he is, unaware that he has rushed out of school, bumping into the news reporter along the way.

In the park, Felix comes across Charlie and the teen opens up on his struggles. Felix offers him help but Charlie pushes him away.

Worried, Darren confides in Tony about how he's toying with the idea of using his anxiety medication on the teen. Darren offers Charlie one of his tablets, but the teen refuses, saying he shouldn't have to need them.

Nancy leaves Charlie a voicemail saying how proud she is of him regardless of his grades, but Charlie isn't in possession of his phone – somebody else is.

5. Nadira gets a new opportunity

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Lacey needs a wedding planner to oversee the events booked in with Rafe, and suggests Nadira, telling James that she can vouch for her.

Nadira is taken aback to hear the kind things Lacey said to Rafe about her and is encouraged to call him and take on the opportunity.

6. Rayne makes a shock confession

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Wanting Romeo to understand why she lashed out at Lacey and Nadira, Rayne opens up to him about the childhood trauma she carries around from being bullied.

She then makes a shock confession about her past.

Afterwards, Romeo tells Rayne that he doesn't want to lose her.

7. James grows suspicious of Rayne

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Worried that Rayne is dangerous, Peri and Prince call in James to help dig into her past to protect Romeo.

During a walk together, Ste and James are taken aback when they oversee the outburst by Rayne towards Lacey and Nadira.

Realising something isn't right, James tells Ste that he's going to figure out what's going on with Rayne.

James voices his worries about Romeo's relationship. Not wanting to hear it, Romeo walks out. Romeo later tells Rayne that James won't give him the money and that no-one understands her like he does.

8. Lizzie stages a protest

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Lizzie approaches Tony regarding making The Love Boat greener by adding solar panels, but when he says there's nothing he can do, in protest she sticks herself to the lamp-post outside The Dog.

Backing Lizzie, Jack and Darren join in her protest by sticking themselves to the lamp-post too.

Not agreeing with their methods but agreeing on the bigger picture, Tony agrees to bring it up at the next council meeting.

9. James searches for answers

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Although James is unable to find anything on Rayne, he discovers that Brent's mum suddenly upped and left one day.

Peri, Prince, Hunter and James find Cheryl on social media, leaving bad comments on Rayne's profile, but they're quickly deleted. What is Rayne trying to hide?

10. Ste plays matchmaker

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Ste continues to try and bring Nadira and Lacey together.

After all of Ste's efforts, Lacey decides to be true to her feelings and tell Nadira she likes her.

11. Rayne continues to scheme

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Rayne needs to find the deposit to rent a mansion to help her career comeback and get her and Romeo cast on Love Cave, and persuades her reluctant boyfriend to ask James.

She later gets some advice from Lacey on how to get Nadira to connect with her.

Rayne tries to persuade Nadira to let her use Rafe's credit card for the holding deposit, saying Faye has offered to cover it. But will Nadira fall for her lies?

12. Dave tries to make amends with Cindy

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Cindy doesn't want to compete with strippers for Dave's attention and decides she doesn't need a man.

Not wanting to leave her on her own in a state, Ella calls in Diane – who reminds Cindy that Luke would want her to be happy.

Dave confides in Sam about his worry that he has blown things with Cindy.

Sam offers him some advice. Dave reaches out to Cindy by using her favourite movie as a reference point.

13. Sharon worries about Felix

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Pearl is throwing a family meal and Warren is invited. When Warren tells the rest of them that Felix isn't coming, Zoe tries to call him.

Sharon later discovers the reason Felix let down Pearl and the family is because he went out fighting.

Felix tells Sharon he has been taken off the fight books, and Sharon reminds him he should be focusing on all the good in his life.

14. Felix pursues a dangerous path

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When Warren sees his friend's injured face, Felix tells him that he's out of fighting and has decided to ask Mercedes to move in with him and get a place together.

Sharon is excited for them, but Warren has concerns

Down at the fight club, Felix begs for another fight even if it's free.

16. Jack is rushed to hospital

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Jack takes a funny turn and Darren calls an ambulance.

With Charlie struggling, Shing Lin decides she should move back into Dave's place.

Charlie tries to explain to Shing Lin what he's struggling with but the are interrupted by a text alerting them that Jack is in the hospital.

17. Ella gives Mason some advice

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With all of the other teens celebrating their GCSE results, Mason is deflated after finding out he has failed maths and worries about his dad's reaction.

Ella encourages Mason to tell his dad the truth about his exams.

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