Unique 'Harry Potter' costume ideas for Halloween, from Moaning Myrtle to the Marauder's Map

  • "Harry Potter" is always extremely popular around Halloween.

  • Still, you can stand out by dressing as an underrated character or object from the series.

  • You could transform yourself into the Marauder's Map, Moaning Myrtle, or a Mandrake.

You're sure to stand out by dressing as a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean costume
The whimsical costume is sure to turn heads wherever you go.Bailey/Magic Wand Blonde

The candy was famously introduced in the "Harry Potter" series by Ron Weasley, who explained that the jelly beans can range in flavor from chocolate to liver.

Bailey, a teacher who goes by Magic Wand Blonde on Instagram, turned the magical candies into a Halloween costume in 2019. To do the same, you can make a similar carton out of cardboard and duct tape, fill it with balloons as jelly beans, and then do your makeup to resemble the character on the front of the box.

She shared further instructions on Instagram.

Similarly, you can take inspiration from the jumping, chocolate frogs that Harry and Ron purchase on their first train ride to Hogwarts.

harry potter chocolate frog costume
This costume is glamorous with just a hint of "Harry Potter" magic.Brandy/Simply Potter Girl

One way to do so is by following in the footsteps of Brandy, who goes by SimplyPotterGirl on Instagram. She previously created a strapless, chocolate-frog-inspired dress made with fabric that resembles the blue-and-gold candy boxes seen in the "Harry Potter" films.

She also carried a wand, and wore a replica of the box — which can be purchased from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks — on her head.

Hogwarts robes can be overdone. Consider dressing as a student from another wizarding school instead.

harry potter beauxbaton costume
Cosplayer Our Shield Maiden also carried a broomstick with her look.Our Shield Maiden

Wizarding schools including the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic are introduced in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Students from the schools are also seen in the film adaptation of the fourth novel, providing great inspiration for your next Halloween costume.

Cosplayer Our Shield Maiden dressed as a student from the latter school. To make a similar costume at home, you can pair a baby-blue dress with a short, matching shawl. From there, you'll need tights, short blue heels, and the school's signature hat.

If you do want to represent your Hogwarts house, you can dress like a student from a former decade.

1930s slytherin costume
This Slytherin-inspired outfit looks like it was pulled directly from the '30s.Lauren/The Cosplay Historian

Lauren, who goes by The Cosplay Historian online, previously showed what a member of Slytherin might wear in the 1930s. Her look included a floor-length velvet dress, a snake-shaped belt, small earrings, and a curled, bob hairstyle.

Of course, you can dress as a Hogwarts student from any decade for Halloween — like a Gryffindor student in the '80s, or a member of Hufflepuff in the '70s.

Halloween is the perfect time to represent your favorite magical shop.

honeydukes costume
Honeydukes is the go-to spot for sweets in the wizarding world.Kat the Storyteller

Honeydukes is one of the most recognizable stores from the series. Kat, who goes by @kathleezzzy on Instagram, created the perfect outfit to look like a clerk of the candy store in the '40s.

She wore a pink-and-white striped dress, short gloves, white sneakers with ankle socks, and feathers in her hair. She also carried a purse with the Honeydukes logo on it.

You can also take inspiration from other magical businesses like the Leaky Cauldron, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and Ollivanders.

Don't forget about the ghosts of the wizarding world.

moaning myrtle costume
Moaning Myrtle is one of many ghosts who roam the Hogwarts campus.Vicki/kawaiivicki

Moaning Myrtle is a fan-favorite ghost from the "Harry Potter" universe, but you don't often see people dressing as her on Halloween. Like Vicki, who goes by kawaiivicki online, you can wear Ravenclaw robes and a white shirt to channel the character.

You'll also need to tie your hair into pigtails, and wear black-rimmed glasses. You might even want to wear gray or blue makeup to look more like a ghost. If you prefer a different ghoul, consider Nearly Headless Nick or The Bloody Baron.

Or characters from the end of the series, like Lavender Brown.

"Harry Potter" fan Sindi dresses as Lavender Brown.
Lavender Brown is mentioned throughout "Harry Potter," but moreso towards the end.Sindiroo

Cosplayer Sindiroo previously dressed as the Hogwarts student, who is recognized for her hair bows and love for Ron Weasley.

To do so yourself, you'll need Gryffindor attire to represent Brown's Hogwarts house. You'll also need a headband with a bow, a wand, and a curled hairstyle.

There's more than one way to dress as Hermione on Halloween.

hermione cat costume
Aileen of A little Android completely transformed herself into Hermione for this look.Aileen/A Little Android

While Hermione's Gryffindor robes are classic, you could put a unique twist on the costume by pairing them with cat-inspired makeup and a beaker filled with green juice — mirroring the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" scene when Hermione drinks Polyjuice Potion and partially turns into a cat.

Cosplayer Aileen of the Instagram account A Little Android did just that for a convention in 2019 using special-effects makeup. If you aren't skilled with prosthetics, you could also throw on a cat-ear headband, and draw whiskers across your face for a similar effect.

Professor McGonagall also has a variety of looks to choose from.

mcgonagall costume
"Harry Potter" fans will recognize exactly where Professor McGonagall wore this outfit.Sheila Echols-Smesny

The Hogwarts professor is most widely recognized in her black robes and tall witch hat. However, she wears green robes with bell sleeves to the Yule Ball — and they make for an eye-catching Halloween look.

Sheila Echols-Smesny, who recently dressed as Professor McGonagall, created a step-by-step guide on her website for creating the costume at home. You'll need fabric, scissors, a sewing machine, and more.

If you decide to be Bellatrix Lestrange, you can put your own twist on her eccentric look.

bellatrix costume
Kiera Please created a modern version of Bellatrix Lestrange's signature outfit.Kiera Please

Kiera Please, an influencer and cosplayer, dressed as the villain in July. But rather than wearing Lestrange's floor-length dress and skull-shaped necklace, she donned a velvet minidress with bell sleeves and a bow around the neckline.

For a similar look, pair your favorite, all-black ensemble with a wand, and the character's signature curly hairstyle.

To live out your dreams of playing Quidditch, try dressing as one of the magical athletes on Halloween.

A seeker or chaser in Quidditch can use the Quaffle ball.The Wizarding Sibs

Candes of The Wizarding Sibs on Instagram created this Gryffindor Quidditch look. It includes a maroon sweater, khaki pants, a Quidditch robe, combat boots, and goggles. She also carried a broomstick and a Quaffle ball.

Of course, there are numerous Quidditch positions to choose from, so you could dress as Seeker or Beater instead. You also could choose to dress as a Quidditch player from an international team — as mentioned in the fourth "Harry Potter" book — rather than one from a Hogwarts team.

Draco Malfoy might be popular online, but his dad Lucius is far more underrated.

lucious malfoy costume
Lucius Malfoy is a well-known member of Slytherin.Zan/Baffling Basilisk

"Thirst videos" inspired by Draco Malfoy were previously all over TikTok, and costumes inspired by the character will probably still be popular this Halloween (especially since TikTokers can't get enough of Draco and Hermione fanfic lately) — so you might want to dress as another member of the Malfoy family.

Zan, who goes by Baffling Basilisk on Instagram, can provide the perfect inspiration for such a costume. The cosplayer dressed as Lucius Malfoy, Draco's dad, using a black cloak, matching button-up, and a long, blonde wig. You'll also need a wand and silver skull mask for a similar costume.

So is Draco's mom, Narcissa Malfoy.

"Harry Potter" fan Amanda Coleman dresses as Narcissa Malfoy.
The character's signature hair is black with a few stark white strands.Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman, who goes by @thehauntedmanda on Instagram, created this outfit inspired by the character over the summer.

To replicate it, you'll need a green-and-black outfit to represent Slytherin, and a black-and-white wig that matches Narcissa's hair. You can also get a replica of Narcissa's wand, which is black with a studded handle.

Instead of dressing up as Snape, you can replicate one of his less conventional outfits on Halloween.

snape boggart costume
Dedicated "Harry Potter" fans will be quick to understand this costume.Jamie Andrews

In the "Harry Potter" universe, Boggarts are shape-shifting illusions that represent your biggest fear. Neville Longbottom's Boggart, for example, is Professor Snape dressed in his grandmother's clothes.

Jamie Andrews replicated the look for his Halloween costume. You can do the same by utilizing a green skirt, a tweed jacket, a bird-embellished hat, and an animal-shaped scarf.

Dressing as Professor Trewlany gives you the perfect excuse to recite famous lines from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" all day.

Trelawny costume
Professor Trelawney is a quirky, fan-favorite character.Sarah Ryan Renner

Professor Sybill Trelawney is first introduced in the third "Harry Potter" book and movie. In the latter, she's known for reciting now-iconic lines like: "My dear, you have the Grimm!"

To channel the character on Halloween, follow the lead of Sarah Ryan Renner. She wore layered clothing, brown boots, a headscarf, and circular glasses to match the professor last year. She also carried a crystal ball.

Molly Weasley has one of the most whimsical wardrobes in the entire "Harry Potter" series.

molly weasley.JPG
Molly is one of the most underrated members of the Weasley clan.Joonuper

An artist who goes by Joonuper online represented the character perfectly with her costume. She wore a knitted top, a floral smock, and her red hair in curls. She also carried a wand with her, just as the character did throughout the series.

With some makeup and fake leaves, you can look unrecognizable as a Mandrake.

You can also add a label to the planter so that your costume is more recognizable.Brenna Mazzoni/ArtByMazz

Mandrakes are the noisy plants first introduced in Harry Potter's Herbology class. The roots of the plants are human-like and begin to shriek and cry when taken out of their planters — which can sometimes kill listeners.

Brenna Mazzoni, who goes by ArtByMazz on Instagram, dressed as one of the magical plants using makeup and fake leaves. She also painted a toy bin to look like a planter, which she was then able to sit inside.

You can take that costume idea one step further by getting your whole family involved.

harry potter mandrake costume
Mandrake costumes are great for little kids on Halloween.Jen Kayna

Jen Kayna and her family did just that on Halloween in 2019. Jen dressed as Professor Sprout — complete with a blonde wig and witch hat — and other members of her family went as Neville Longbottom and a Mandrake plant.

Or you could transform yourself into a Cornish Pixie — a flying, magical creature known for wreaking havoc wherever it goes.

"Harry Potter" fan Hash dresses as a Cornish Pixie.
Cornish Pixies are arguably one of the most underrated creatures from "Harry Potter."Hash

Makeup artist Hash did so with blue face makeup. She also painted her eyebrows blue, added black lipstick, and wore dark contacts that covered her irises — all of which made her almost unrecognizable.

If you want to wear a similar look on Halloween, you'll also need some pointed ears and tall blue antennae.

Patronuses make for great Halloween costumes.

patronus costume
Caro dressed as Harry Potter's stag Patronus using makeup and a white outfit.Caro/Lotti_Cosplay

Caro of Lotti_Cosplay on Instagram created a unique look when she dressed as a Patronus, or a defensive charm that protects wizards against Dementors. Some Patronuses take the shape of animals — like Harry Potter's, which is a stag.

You could dress as your favorite character's Patronus on Halloween, or you could create your own. You'll simply need some blue makeup, temporary hair color, and an all-white outfit to achieve the look.

So do other charms and spells, like Alohomora.

"Harry Potter" fan McKinzey wears makeup looks inspired by spells.
You can create a costume inspired by any charm in the "Harry Potter" universe.McKinzey

"Harry Potter" fan McKinzey, who goes by @the.queen.kinz on Instagram, turned that spell and another into a makeup look.

To represent Alohomora — the spell that unlocks doors and is famously spoken by Hermione early in the series — McKinzey painted a lock and numerous keys across her collarbones. She paired the art with glam face makeup.

She also painted her face gray with black lines to illustrate the Duro charm, which turns objects into solid stone.

You can also take inspiration from magical objects seen in the "Harry Potter" films and novels.

"Harry Potter" fan Amera wears makeup inspired by the Marauder's Map.
You'll need red and brown makeup to recreate this look.Amera

The Marauder's Map is one option. Makeup artist Amera recently painted the iconic parchment — which shows the locations of people at Hogwarts — across her face and chest.

While you could complete this look with makeup like Amera did, you could also paint the design on clothes and wear that as your costume.

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