This 18-year-old's natural hair will make you reconsider straightening your curls

Dana Oliver
Beauty Director
Koby Lomax’s natural curls are our new hair goal. (Photo: Courtesy of Koby Lomax)

To say Koby Lomax’s curls are poppin’ would be an understatement.

We first became smitten with the 18-year-old’s natural hair when Mielle Organics reposted one of Koby’s hair tutorials on Instagram with the caption, “He killed this!” In the clip, the Virginia Beach native sits comfortably on his bedroom floor while filming a finger coils how-to using the brand’s Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk and Honey & Ginger Styling Gel, which he refers to as the “Secret Weapon.”


With freshly-washed hair and a DevaTowel around his shoulders, Koby goes to work on his textured strands. Need-to-know tips like “Detangle to evenly distribute product” and “Shingle & coil as needed” flash onto the screen. When he gives his curls a shake in slow motion, we can’t help but scream “Yassss!”

People chimed in with comments of praise for Koby’s stunning natural hairstyle. One person wrote: “This is everything! Way to support the boys that come from lovely Queens!” And another individual revealed, “I watched 3x.”

“I was shook!” Koby tells Yahoo Beauty when he found out that Mielle Organics shared his natural hair video. “I really didn’t think they would because they’re a pretty big company and growing tremendously.”

He certainly feels the love flowing from commenters. “I realized how many people mentioned that they were going to try my routine on the men in their families and how they enjoyed my video, and I was thrilled. Knowing that I was able to help that many people and their families was amazing!” he says.

Learning how to maintain natural hair has been quite a journey for Koby. When he was in the sixth grade, he switched up his Afro by getting a texturizer, a mild-relaxer treatment that works to loosen up kinky, curly hair. “It made my curls superduper loose, but I didn’t like the way it made my hair feel,” says Koby.

The following year, he “cut it all off and restarted.” As his hair grew longer, its health was sabotaged because, as Koby admitted, he “never trimmed it.” He says, “I did my research and quickly found that my ends were superdamaged. In March of my senior year, I did a ‘big chop’ and since then, my hair has never been better!”

Koby credits his mother for teaching him and his siblings the importance of self-care. He explains, “She always stressed things such as us keeping our ears clean, taking good care of our skin, moisturizing our bodies right after showers, keeping our nails trimmed and cuticles tucked, keeping our hair under control, etc.” Even though he didn’t heed to mama’s instructions so much as a child, he has gained a deeper understanding now as a young adult. “I always feel so good after ‘pampering’ myself after a long day,” he says.

In addition to launching his own Youtube channel to share natural hair, fashion, and lifestyle videos, Koby also created a business called Wax Magic, where he makes “magical scented candles and other home fragrance products.” However, one of his favorite hobbies is shopping for natural hair products. His “holy grail” natural-hair products — Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner, OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo, Herbal Essence Naked Moisture Cleansing Conditioner, and EcoStyler Gel — all cost under $10.

“Sounds funny, but I can spend two hours in a store just looking around, smelling products, reading labels, looking up reviews, and searching for ingredients,” he says. “There are even times where I’ll be driving somewhere and I’ll see a Target and think, ‘Let me stop and just go where I’m supposed to go.’ Next thing you know, I’m at the register paying for a new deep conditioner.”

It’s important for men to embrace their curls, Koby says. “Once you learn how to properly care for your hair and you discover your true curl pattern, it boosts your confidence out the roof!” he says. “On top of that, when people compliment you on your hair, the feeling of knowing its naturally yours is a feeling like no other.”

He adds, “Some guys don’t support taking care of yourself (which blows my mind), but they fail to realize that the ladies love when you can take care of yourself because that confirms that you can take care of them as well. What lady doesn’t want a man who can do her wash-and-go or her twist-out for her when she doesn’t feel like it? That, my friends, is a powerful skill to have!”

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