The 1975 in talks with Malaysian festival over £2m demand for Matty Healy’s LGBT+ rant

The legal team for the 1975 are working towards resolving a dispute with the organisers of a Malaysian music festival that alleged the band breached its contract.

Future Sound Asia (FSA) has demanded the band to pay £2m in damages for allegedly breaking contract terms during a controversial show in Malaysia.

Last month, the British band’s performance at Good Vibes Festival in Kuala Lumpur was cut short when frontman Matt Healy kissed bassist Ross MacDonald while criticising the country’s anti-LGBT+ laws, under which homosexual acts are illegal.

Malaysia’s government called the band “extremely rude”, adding that they would not be permitted to perform in the country again.

Communications minister Fahmi Fadzil said that the government had “called the organisers” of the festival, which was then cancelled outright.

Lawyers for FSA previously said it had given The 1975 seven days to respond to its final warning, before legal proceedings in English courts would begin.

In a statement issued to the PA news agency on Wednesday (16 August), David Matthew, legal counsel for FSA, said the resolution process was “now in progress”.

“We are able to confirm that our lawyers have received communication from the band’s solicitors and we are continuing to pursue the matter, as per our earlier statement,” Matthew said.

 (Getty Images / Twitter)
(Getty Images / Twitter)

“The dispute resolution process is now in progress and on advice of legal counsel, we have no further comment at present.”

Previously, FSA alleged that the band had given “a pre-show written assurance” they would adhere to “all local guidelines and regulations” and should “acknowledge their liability and compensate FSA for damages incurred”.

Due to the kissing incident, the three-day event was cancelled and headliners Australian singer-songwriter The Kid Laroi and American rock band The Strokes did not play.

In its original letter of claim, FSA reiterated its “strong disapproval” of Healy’s “use of abusive language, equipment damage, and indecent stage behaviour”.

It added that the band’s behaviour had “not only flagrantly breached local guidelines and Malaysian laws but also tarnished the reputation of the 10-year-old festival”.

FSA lawyers later clarified that the organisation was demanding £2,099,154.54 in damages over the incident.

The Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Digital also said The 1975 had been blacklisted under a body that oversees foreign artists playing in Malaysia.

The Independent has contacted the band’s representatives for comment.

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