19th-century home unearthed in Orwell Corner

Researchers are in the midst of unearthing a 130-year old home in Orwell Corner, P.E.I.

Islanders are familiar with Orwell Corner as a park, preserved as it would have been around the turn of the 20th century. The 1880s home, believed to have been owned by an Alexander MacPherson, was discovered by the manager for the historic village.

More than 1,000 artifacts have been unearthed, said Helen Kristmanson, director of archeology for the province.

"We were happy to see some clay smoking pipe stems here," said Kristmanson.

"We have a couple of buttons which are very nice as well, glass bottle stoppers, cutlery, large pieces of metal maybe related to a fireplace, we're not sure yet. We hope to make a contribution adding to the material culture history of the Island."

The artifacts will be added to the collection of the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage foundation.

It is believed a barn nearby may also be part of the original homestead. The dig will continue for another week and is open to the public.

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