$2.9M Glenmore Reservoir pathway link opens

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$2.9M Glenmore Reservoir pathway link opens

Glenmore Reservoir path users can now feel a little more connected.

A new, 1.8-kilometre pathway link, running adjacent to the scenic reservoir, connects Glenmore Trail S.W. in the north to the Glenmore Canoe and Rowing Club in the south.

The improvements include two bridges and cost just shy of $3 million.

A City of Calgary structural engineer says the new pathway is part of a larger project.

"This regional pathway is part of Calgary Urban Park Master Plan and Open Space Plan to fulfil a pathway link around the Glenmore Reservoir. And this section of the pathway is a part of that to fulfil that missing link," Jason Lin told CBC News.

Previously, path users had to go through the nearby community to access the regional pathway along Glenmore Trail.

Lin says the view is quite incredible.

"There are two pedestrian bridges and some outlook areas along the stretch of pathway. It really opens up the view of the Glenmore Reservoir, which provides a vantage point that was not available before."

The Urban Park Master Plan is the city's strategic plan for guiding the protection and conservation of Calgary's river valley parklands.

Lin says users should be aware that site cleanup, landscaping and fencing work continues, so use the pathway with caution.

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With files from Scott Dippel, Shauna Smith Duncan and Justin Pennell