2 cabin crew could be in big trouble after taking selfies on the wing of a Boeing 777

  • 2 Swiss flight attendants were spotted posing for selfies on the wing of a Swiss Boeing 777.

  • They were pictured striking poses while the plane was at an airport in Buenos Aires.

  • An airline representative denounced the behavior, saying a fall could be "devastating."

Cabin crew for Swiss Air could be in big trouble after appearing to pose for selfies on the wing of a Boeing 777.

A video circulating on social media and reported by outlets including by the New York Post shows two flight attendants standing on the wing of the plane before a flight departed from Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 16.

The video begins with a female flight attendant posing for a picture pulling several poses, before being joined by a male colleague. He also struck a bodybuilder-type pose after she returned to the cabin through an open door.

Ground crew can also be seen posing in front of an aircraft engine in the video, which appears to have been shot from the terminal.

In a statement to Insider, a representative for the airline strongly criticized the cabin crew's antics and said their behavior wouldn't be tolerated.

"What looks like fun in the video is actually life-threatening," said Michael Pelzer of Swiss.

"The wings of a Boeing 777 are at a height of about five meters [16.4 feet]. Moreover, after landing, even in high temperatures, the wings may be covered with ice. A fall from that height onto the hard surface can be devastating."

The airline has been in contact with the flight attendants in question, Pelzer said.

No passengers were on the plane when the crew embarked on their stunt.

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