2 new cases in Prince Albert Police Service bring total to 6 officers with COVID-19

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Half a dozen police officers in Prince Albert are now isolating after positive COVID-19 tests.

The first case in the Saskatchewan city's police service was announced a week ago, followed by another three earlier this week and two more on Friday.

They are all in isolation and will need to be cleared by a medical professional before being allowed back on the job.

The front offices of both the city's main police station and the substation are closed. Sanitization of both police locations is ongoing, as is contact tracing.

The main office does have an outside buzzer and telephone system if someone does need to go there in person.

The police are also encouraging people to report crimes online if they are not emergencies.

COVID-19 cases have spiked in the north central area of the province, including Prince Albert, after meetings at the city's Full Gospel Outreach Centre that have been described as a "superspreader" event.

There were 118 active cases in that region as of Friday. The provincial total of active cases is 511.