2 dangerous drivers caught on dashcam within a single week

2 dangerous drivers caught on dashcam within a single week

A vehicle pulling out into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a high-speed, head-on collision and a motorcycle racing between cars, straight up the dashed line.

Both risky manoeuvres happened within days of one another on the province's highways. And both were caught on camera.

"In the distance, we saw it happening," Amanda Hynes said.

Hynes and her husband were driving on a two-lane highway outside Grand Falls-Windsor when a silver car pulled out to pass a vehicle in front of it.

"They were coming straight on to us," she said.

Hynes' husband pulled onto the shoulder of the road, knowing there wasn't enough time for the silver vehicle to speed up, merge in, and free up the lane.

Dashcam footage shows the silver car nearly sideswipe the burgundy vehicle it was trying to pass, presumably in an effort to avoid hitting Hynes head on.

"I could see the driver's face … that's how close we were," Hynes said.

"It's giving me goosebumps just thinking about it."

Playing Pacman

Just a few days before that, during evening rush hour, Amie Richards was driving back to Spaniard's Bay from St. John's.

"All of a sudden, coming up from the middle of the two lanes, was a motorcycle," she said.

"I just — I was floored."

Richards estimates the individual was going about 130 km/hr.

In her dashcam footage – timestamped 2016 but recorded July 5 – a motorcyclist can be seen zooming past at least six vehicles.

"I got off on the Veterans [Memorial Highway], which was my destination," she said.

"And when I was passing by the Mackinsons turn off, he was exiting. So all that to save a minute? He was two cars ahead of me."

Both women posted their dashcam videos online to raise awareness of the reckless driving happening on the province's highways.

But neither are confident people will slow down.

So in the meantime, they're keeping their in-car cameras rolling as protection in case incidents like the ones they witnessed, ever turn into accidents.

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