Men shot dead in B.C. suspected of gang ties

One of the two men killed in a daylight shooting at a Burnaby, B.C., hotel Monday is suspected gang member Suhk Dhak, whose brother was also killed in a targeted shooting in 2010.

CBC News has learned Dhak and a man believed to be his associate were gunned down Monday at the Executive Hotel and Conference Centre at Lougheed Highway and Gilmore Avenue in Burnaby, B.C., just before noon.

Dhak's brother, Gurmit Dhak, was shot and killed outside the Metrotown mall in Burnaby in October 2010.

On Monday, the body of a tattooed man could be seen slumped outside the front doors of the hotel, surrounded by shattered glass from the doors and windows of the hotel lobby.

A second body appeared to be lying just inside the lobby of the hotel.

Police, who are trying to piece together what happened, are calling the shooting "brazen" and "cold," saying it was traumatizing for hotel staff.

It's not yet clear whether the shooting happened outside the hotel or whether the men were shot through the glass.

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