2 men plead guilty to poaching, night hunting near Kamsack

Two men from the Cote First Nation have been fined after pleading guilty to using spotlights to hunt on private land without permission.

The two men were stopped by conservation officers in October 2015 after they were spotted shining a spotlight onto a field. A few days prior, the Turn In Poachers line had received reports about similar activity in the area.

When the officers approached the men, the hunters said they were exercising their treaty right to hunt for food.

However, under the law, anyone using treaty hunting rights has to get permission from the landowner, and can't use a spotlight to hunt for food off-reserve.

Kevin Badger, 35, and Mathew Dubois, 29, of the Cote First Nation pleaded guilty to unlawful hunting and for illegally using a spotlight to hunt.  

Each was fined $1,500 and had their firearms, ammunition and spotlights forfeited to the Crown.