2 Sask. Party MLAs officially resign to run as federal Conservatives

Saskatchewan Party MLAs Warren Steinley and Corey Tochor have officially resigned their seats. The pair are running for the Conservatives in the upcoming federal election.

However, the timing is causing Saskatchewan's NDP leader to speak out. Ryan Meili says the pair have been collecting a salary from provincial taxpayers since winning their federal nominations in the spring of 2018. 

Meili said the timing means the government is not forced to call a byelection to fill those seats before next fall's provincial election because of a loophole caused by the fixed election date law. The seats will remain vacant until the next provincial vote in the fall of 2020.

The NDP put a bill forward that would essentially close that loophole last November. It was not supported by the government.

Warren Steinley said he didn't resign in April because people have other jobs when they're running for office. 

"I was very confident I could fulfil my duties and represent the people of Walsh Acres up until the writ drops," he said.

Steinley also said he was confident that the people in his riding would be served properly by other Sask. Party MLAs in Regina.

"We have a great team that's going to be able to provide that support to constituents in Walsh Acres." 

"I'm very proud of what we've been able to accomplish for the people of Saskatoon, whether it be health care, education or infrastructure," Tochor said in a news release.

"It was a sincere privilege to serve on behalf of Saskatoon Eastview and to previously serve as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly."

CBC has reached out to Tochor for further comment, as well as the government.