2 young men stabbed in Carlington

2 young men stabbed in Carlington

Two men in their 20s were stabbed in a residence on Lepage Avenue in the Carlington neighbourhood on Wednesday morning, paramedics say.

Ottawa police and paramedics were called to an apartment building at 1400 Lepage Ave. at about 6:40 a.m.

The two young men were taken to hospital in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries, paramedics said.

One person was taken into custody, police said, but no further details were available.

'It's noisy, there's fighting, it's unbelievable'

A woman who lives across the street from the apartment building said she and her neighbours are tired of the disruptions.

"I think it's terrible. It is terrible. The value of my house goes down because of all these things going on down the street. And I don't know why there's no control, why they can't do nothing about it. It's noisy, there's fighting, it's unbelievable," said Maria-Louisa Ziccardi.

"We work so hard to save [money], to buy a house, and look at what happens to us. It is a terrible thing to happen, terrible ... almost every day."