20 Clever Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Collect Passport Stamps Like Postage Stamps

Though jet-settingnewlywedsoften prefer experiences over things, it is possible to find perfect, much-needed travel gifts for travel couples. From portable charges andpractical luggage, to carry-on accessories and trip mementos, you can’t go wrong by surprising the newlyweds with gifts that lean into their interests.

Whether their idea of a getaway is a weekend road trip to an upstate cabin, a yoga retreat in Bali, or becoming digital nomads in Southeast Asia, we’ve combed the web for clever gifts any globetrotting couple will love.

Below, check out our 20 gift recommendations for couples who travel: 

Custom stamped luggage tags

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A luggage set for the honeymoon

Pay to upgrade them to first-class for their honeymoon

Matching eye masks for the plane

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Monogrammed passport holders

Get them here

Customized departures print-out art

Get it here

A travel-themed subscription box to inspire their next getaway

Get "The Wordy Traveler" subscription box here

A nomad-worthy travel backpack for all of their gear

Get it here

A cute way to store their loose change and plan their next trip

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A custom star map

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A carry-on garment suitcase bag for all of those other weddings they have to attend now

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A powerful portable phone charger for the couple always on the go

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Packing cubes to keep their luggage organized

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A portable hammock for the adventurous couple

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Matching couples luggage tags

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A Patagonia gift card so they can update their outdoor gear

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A leather adventure book for photos and memories

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A way for them to check on the pet while they're traveling

Check out the PetCube Play here

A sweet way to remind them of the adventures ahead

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A gift card to book a hotel on their next adventure

Get a Hotels.com gift card and they can use it at thousands of places worldwide. Get it here


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