UPDATE: 2003 Acura NSX-T in Long Beach Blue hammers at Cars & Bids

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OK, we get it: There's really no such thing as "reasonable" Acura NSX ownership anymore, but around here, we're fans of cars that can be appreciated, and this 66K-mile automatic NSX-T finished in Long Beach Blue Pearl with a week to go at Cars & Bids has "driver" written all over it.

"But Byron, how can you call it a 'driver' when it has an automatic?" Honestly, we can't defend that particular choice on the original buyer's behalf, but what we mean is that this car isn't begging to be garaged for eternity. Between the visible signs of use on both the interior and exterior and the grunge present on the underbody, it's clear this car has spent its life being driven, meaning you won't have to feel guilty about doing the same.

This NSX is almost entirely original (the factory radio is included in case you want to eliminate the "almost") and its interior shows very little wear considering its mileage. The tan seat leather looks excellent, even on the bolsters, and all of the plastic and metal bits appear to be where they should. Outside, the paint shows signs of normal wear and tear, but certainly nothing that couldn't easily be corrected.

It may not be the best NSX to drive – or the one with the lowest miles or the least exposure to the elements – but that's why it might also be the right NSX for you. Why, you ask? Because it probably won't break the bank. But we'll see what a week of bidding says about that.

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