2012 Year in Review: Y! Canada's top videos of the year

They entertain us, they amaze us, they frighten us about the future of humanity.

Many of the YouTube videos that caught our attention this year were bizarre and hilarious. YouTube has released its own roundup, including the videos for Gangnam Style, Call Me Maybe and the endless parodies they inspired.

It also reminded us what happens when parenting goes viral with angry father Tommy Jordan reading his daughter's rude Facebook post to the world:

Some of our other favourite moments this year as depicted in video have included senseless fighting on Black Friday and this octopus eating a seagull:

A large bear scared the wits out of campers in Utah, who thought they had met Bigfoot while taping this video, which later went viral.

A chillin' amphibian made it famous after the little frog sat on a bench just like a human with its legs dangling over the edge.

Back in the human, er, superhuman world, Batman and Spiderman each tried to prove himself the better hero by battling it out around the city of Toronto.

A man on the subway in New York earned superhero status when he casually stepped between two fighting passengers to break them apart. He was aptly dubbed 'Snackman.'

But a man in New York was far more enthusiastic about his train experience. He went wild while watching a heritage train pass by and positively shrieked when it honked.

Guy Goes Nuts Over Passing TrainApparently there's something pretty special about this train. He totally loses his mind over it!

A CTV reporter probably wasn't expecting the flood of attention he got when he walked into a pole on camera while chasing down an interview. Canadians were too busy laughing to follow the story.

If we have to relive the mania that was Sh*t ____ Say, it may as well be about Canadians. Keep on pouring that syrup, eh.