2017 British Columbia election: North Island riding profile

2017 British Columbia election: North Island riding profile

In advance of the 2017 B.C. election, we'll be profiling all 87 electoral districts in the province. Here is North Island, one of 15 ridings on Vancouver Island — and a place where the B.C. Liberals hope to reverse traditional voting patterns.

Summary: A large riding, North Island comprises all areas of Vancouver Island from Campbell River north. That is the largest municipality in the region by far, but there are a number of small port municipalities and Indigenous communities, including Port Hardy, Port McNeil, Kingdom Inlet, Nootka Island and Zeballos. 

Politics: North Island was created prior to the 1979 election, and since then has elected NDP candidates in all but one election, usually by solid but not overwhelming margins. 

The current MLA, Claire Trevena, was first elected in 2005 and in the last election defeated the B.C. Liberal candidate by 2,002 votes. 

Candidates: Trevena is seeking re-election for the NDP. A former journalist and communications consultant, Trevana is the party's critic for Transportation and Infrastructure, including B.C. Ferries.

The B.C. Liberal candidate is Dallas Smith, the former president of the Nanwakolas Council, and founder of the TI' axsam Scholarship Fund at North Island College. 

The Green Party candidate is Sue Moen, owner of an in-home dog care company and federal candidate in Vancouver Island North in the 2011 election.

Where does the NDP do well? In the last election, the NDP got 212 votes on Malcolm Island, north of Port McNeil, compared to just 48 for the Liberals.

That sounds impressive — but consider that next door, in Alert Bay, the NDP got 319 votes, compared to just 47 for the Liberals.  

What about the Liberals? It does best in the southern suburbs of Campbell river, along with the polling stations directly on the city's waterfront.