2019 record year for the Summerside fire department

The Summerside fire department had a record year in 2019.

Fire chief Ron Enman says his firefighters responded to more calls than ever before. 

"We had 344 calls. I think our highest year since 2000, or something, was about 225," he said.

Part of the increase in calls came as a result of firefighters responding to downed trees on power lines in the wake of post-tropical storm Dorian, Enman said.

"We had a lot of medical calls this year too. We had 85 medical calls. So, between the two that brought our numbers up," Enman said.

"The city is growing and just the service is required more."

He said he's proud that despite the increase, the 57 volunteer firefighters were able to meet the need.

"We've got a fantastic group... and we are holding our own," Enman said.

Enman said there have been retirements over the last few years, but new members have joined and that brings excitement to the crew.

"That excitement kind of spreads through the hall," Enman said.

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