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Fourth Place (tie): Suzuki Waku Spo — 21 points

West Coast Editor James Riswick: It's an electric car with retro styling, which I'm pretty much always a sucker for. Then! Then, it turns out to be both a coupe and a wagon. Those are the two best body styles! Special non-binding bonus points to Suzuki for this picture and the backwards Hustler graphic. I love Japan.

Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski: I'm so sad that I'll never get to see the Wako Spo on the road. I love everything about this thing (save for its blocky chrome wheels), especially the way in converts from a coupe into a wagon.

Video Production Manager Eddie Sabatini: I like its retro-inspired look. Also neat that you can customizable the body style from Coupe to Wagon. 

2019 Tokyo Motor Show Editors’ Picks

This year's Tokyo Motor Show was full of interesting vehicles, but one car ran away with our best-in-show award.