A 2020 gratitude list: Here are some things we were thankful for

Cheryl Santa Maria
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A 2020 gratitude list: Here are some things we were thankful for
A 2020 gratitude list: Here are some things we were thankful for
A 2020 gratitude list: Here are some things we were thankful for

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Now that 2021 has arrived, we thought it would be a good time to look back at the previous year and remember all the things that filled our hearts with joy.

Last year will likely be remembered for devastating wildfires and global, pandemic-induced lockdowns -- but in between times of despair and uncertainty, there were moments of beauty and calm.

Here are a few of them.


“I am grateful for the glorious sunsets that reminded us, if only for a moment, how beautiful the world can be.” -- Kim MacDonald

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Photo courtesy: Rachel Schoutsen.

"I am grateful for the perfect turn of the leaves this season in Southern Ontario. The temps were just right for a slow change and the leaves seemed to hang on for a while so everyone could enjoy." -- Rachel Schoutsen

"I'm grateful for what was a warm and mild fall in my part of Ontario, and a relatively gentle easing into winter so far: Lots of above-seasonal stretches, and enough snow that I've had regular exercise shovelling, but not so much to be back-breaking!" -- Dan Martins

"I am grateful for a perfectly-timed snowstorm on Christmas morning in my neighbourhood! Do you know how precise and perfect that storm was?! Not only classified as a white Christmas, but a perfect white Christmas since the snow was still falling on Christmas morning." -- Rachel Schoutsen

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"I am grateful for the opportunity to produce and launch "This Day in Weather History", the podcast. The ability to work with a dedicated team and have a ton of creative freedom has been exactly what I needed in 2020." -- Chris Mei


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Nate coleman
Nate coleman

Photo courtesy: Nathan Coleman.

“2020 was a tough year for so many unexpected reasons, but I was grateful I had my first boy back in February before the pandemic began so I was able to be there with my wife for the birth. He was born on Groundhog Day and I am happy to report he’s healthy and growing quick.” -- Nathan Coleman

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