2020 - A Year In Review Village of Standard

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The Village of Standard, like many other communities, has faced numerous challenges throughout 2020.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the community managed to come together to support their neighbours, and prepare shovel-ready projects for 2021.

“Due to the pandemic and the fiscal uncertainty surrounding it, the village did not enter into any major infrastructure projects in 2020,” Standard Mayor Joe Pedersen told the Mail. Mayor Pedersen notes much needed concrete repairs throughout the village were completed.

Local groups and organizations also had a troubling year, with all community events being cancelled, which may pose significant impacts in the coming year. “We have directed groups and individuals to certain programs that are available to assist them through this troubled time,” Mayor Pedersen says.

Surveying on a new residential subdivision was completed in November, allowing for lot size increases. Mayor Pedersen is hopeful this will help to attract buyers to “build and join” the community. “The community has been amazing in its response to the (COVID-19) situation, with everyone willing to help their neighbour,” Mayor Pedersen adds.

The village’s grocery store has remained open and continued to serve the community, despite supply chain concerns early in 2020. Staff and community volunteers worked together to ensure no one went without necessities, offering curbside pickup and home deliveries to those who were self-isolating.

Currently, the village is in the process of developing additional lots in the industrial park area of the village. “We hope to have shovels in the ground in the first half of 2021,” Mayor Pedersen says, although he notes there is still plenty to do ahead of this including surveys, and completion of underground infrastructure and roadwork.

Provincial stimulus funding will help the village complete major infrastructure projects in 2021 and Mayor Pedersen says the village will be calling for tenders early in 2021.

“The village council and staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopes, after this trying and challenging year, success and good health.”

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail