2021 a busy year for building

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ADELAIDE-METCALFE- 2021 has been a busy year in Adelaide-Metcalfe for building. A building services report was presented to Adelaide Metcalfe Council on 25 June 2021 by Arnie Marsman the township’s chief building official.

The report is a retrospective of the first five months of 2021 January until March. Throughout the timeframe, the township has approved 32 projects which totals to $6,037,000. 16 Single-family dwellings account for 2,993,000 of the overall cost. Followed by a garage at 30,000. A Greenhouse at $30,000. Shed 120,000. $2,040,000 for barns. $402,000 for other agriculture. Residential above ground $10,000. Non-residential $34,000. And other buildings for $200,000.

“You will see we have four new dwellings in the municipality that have been approved this year. And I think it’s turning out to be a busy year, quite frankly, I felt a lot of experience or knowledge of past years. I will bring that my next report will bring a comparison to previous June reports are first-half reports to get a bit more detail of how this year compares to the past but just thought I’d bring this information to you and let you know things have been working out really well,” said Marsman adding that “Your citizens have worked well with Cloud Permit. That’s our new online (building permit)system.”

Marsman hopes to provide reports on a more regular basis for now on. “To provide a bit more information than you see here. I like to quarterly provide counsel with some significant milestones or numbers such as total cost construction, permit fees that have been brought in a number of new houses, those sorts of statistics that most councils find interesting.” He said.

The presentation was acknowledged as received for information brought forward by Coun. Hendricks and seconded by Coun. Mackinnon. The motion was carried.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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