2021 Inverhuron Fun Run welcomes runners aged five to 89

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Another Inverhuron Fun Run, once again a virtual run in 2021, has come and gone.

The run, which in past years has been held on the Monday of the Labour Day weekend, had submissions from 31 runners aged five to 89 years of age, in three distance categories. Runners were asked to pick their own route, measure the distance for accuracy and then register their information with organizer Dave Jewett. After their runs/walks were completed, final times were sent to Jewett by Sept. 7.

In the route one, 3.4 kilometre distance category, Mitchell Cook took top spot with a time of 17:17, followed by Allister McCabe (18:36) and Dave Jewett (20:21).

The fastest female in the route one category was Janet Thomson, with a time of 22:12. The youngest female, at just five years old, was Adelaide King, who finished the course in 44:10.

In route two, a 10-kilometre distance, Radeyan “Dosh” Sazzad took first place, with a time of 35:46. Because the run was virtual, Radeyan ran his distance in Melbourne, Australia.

The fastest female in route two was Eva Thorsteinson, with a time of 38:47. Dave Jewett took home the honour of slowest male running route two, with a time of 62:05. Barbara Cliffe-Miller captured the slowest female completing route two, with a time of 98:22.

The route three winner, running a distance of 6.4 kilometres, was Brian Norcliffe, with a time of 30.06. The fastest female in route three was Emily Norcliffe, with a time of 35:05.

The senior statesman of the run was Stewart Neely, who completed route three in 64 minutes, 22 seconds. Neely was the most senior of all the participants, at 89-years-of-age.

Honourable mention goes out to Auston Mohring, who, at eight months, cheered mightily from the sidelines for his mother, Stacey Mohring.

Organizer Dave Jewett thanked everyone, near and far, for participating and said “Let’s hope that we can have a real fun run in 2022.”

Tammy Schneider, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Kincardine Independent

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