2022 Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition aims to replicate the movie cars

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The James Bond film "No Time To Die" is coming out in October, and it’s set to feature the new Land Rover Defender heavily. To mark the occasion, Land Rover just revealed a special Defender V8 Bond Edition that’s inspired by the Defenders you’ll see in the movie.

There will only be 300 Defender V8 Bond Editions in the entire world, and Land Rover says a currently undetermined number of those will find their way to the U.S. As the name suggests, they will all be based on the V8-powered Defender with no other powertrain available. However, Land Rover is locking you into the 110 body style — no two-door 90s here.

Land Rover goes to town on the special-edition Defenders with a bunch of Bond-related appearance extras. They’ll all get a unique Defender 007 badge, 007 puddle lamp and 007 illuminated sill plates. Xenon Blue brake calipers act as a bright contrast to the black paint and Extended Black Pack (exterior appearance package) equipped to each vehicle. Plus, they’ll be fitted with 22-inch glossy black wheels.

2022 Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition
2022 Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition

Each 007 Defender will also have a “One of 300” etching on the interior. And the Pivi Pro infotainment system will have a unique 007 start-up animation that plays every time you get in. We still haven’t seen the movie to know how close Land Rover has gotten to the Defenders we’ll see in it, but we trust it’s super close.

If you’re a Bond and off-roading enthusiast, this Defender will cost you $115,950 to take home, including the destination charge. Of course, you’ll be able to spend more and tack on additional options if you so choose. A base 110 V8 starts at $101,750, so it’s a considerable premium to get the movie car. We’d suggest getting in touch with Land Rover soon if you want one due to the limited production numbers.

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