2022 Lexus LC 500, 500h introduce Bespoke Build exclusive options

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Lexus has announced the 2022 LC 500 coupe, 500h hybrid coupe and LC 500 Convertible. The changes are as subtle here as they were on the LS 500. The coupe's suspension has been "optimized to enhance ground contact feel, linear steering response and steering effectiveness [at] high G," we're told, and that's as close as we get to knowing what Lexus engineers did. After that, there are a few changes that could be spotted at ten feet. One is the Sport Package gaining a 21-inch forged alloy wheel to replace the 20-inch wheel for the 2021 LC 500 hardtop.

There's another revision to the Sport Package thanks to Lexus introducing its Bespoke Build program, which will open up a new menu of performance and cosmetic options. The current LC 500 Coupe offers two Sport Packages, one with a glass roof, one with a carbon roof. From 2022, the weaved lid will only be available to Bespoke Build buyers, which starts with a coupe fitted with the carbon roof Sport Package and the All-Weather Package. The customization choices will get their own configurator page come November 17, laying out exclusive color options like the Manhattenhenge interior and exclusive components like the carbon fiber rear wing and 21-inch forged alloy wheels that were previously limited to the LC Inspiration Series. Each Bespoke Build will also come with an interior badge and a certificate of authenticity.

On the droptop side, there's been some additional suspension fiddling. On both coupe and convertible, the 11-strong color palette has been shaved to nine colors, Liquid Platinum and Obsidian going away.

The 2022 LC 500 starts at $93,050 plus a $1,075 destination charge, for a total of $94,125, the convertible at $102,175 after destination, both unchanged for this year. The LC 500h MSRP gets goosed a touch, increasing $1,440 to $100,125.

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