2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV shows off features in video

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Chevrolet produced a 90-second video flyby of its coming battery-electric Silverado, the Ultium-based pickup throwing a host of features to bridge the far shores of work life and personal life. Most of the stats in the video were released when Chevy debuted the Silverado EV in January, but there are a couple of new bits. The automaker says four-wheel steering reduces the EV's turning circle to 42.2 feet. We can't tell how much of an improvement that is, though; probably about five to seven feet. That four-wheel steering system is provided by ZF, by the way, and a story about the system included the nugget that Chevy eventually plans to offer 24-inch wheels for the electric Silvy.

The video also briefly shows an aero camper top for the bed with a ladder mounted on top, touting "customizable accessories" inside like modular storage trunks. We don't know yet how big that catalog of accessories will be. In the video, underneath the camper, we see a row of tools on mounting points along the inner bed wall. This could be the PowerBase system, GM's version of Ford's Pro Power Onboard for the F-series. This will provide up to 10.2 kilowatts of power to 10 outlets, and can be fitted with a 240-volt outlet as well. When the bed is used for plain old hauling, lowering the Multi-Flex midgate creates a nine-foot-long load space, extending the Multi-Flex tailgate adds another foot.

The features in the video apply to the retail RST trim, which will come fully loaded for the first year and cost $105,000 before destination. The Work Truck trim goes without many of these features, sporting a lower price because of it. The WT is scheduled to enter production in spring of next year, the RST in the fall. Have a look at what's coming in the video above.

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