2024 Toyota Mirai gets a huge July promotion, up to $33,000 off MSRP

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Toyota offered enormous deals on the 2023 Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle earlier this year, the combination of savings adding up to cash back for buyers on paper. One month after raising MSRPs on the 2024 Mirai and four days after Shell announced it was closing its light-duty hydrogen refilling stations in California, Toyota offered $40,000 in APR Subvention Cash off the top trim 2023 Mirai Limited to clear inventory and get shoppers on the hydrogen highway. The Limited stickered for about $68,000, taking the price below $30,000. Factor in the hydrogen fuel refilling card with $15,000 on it that's good for six years, and a 0% APR financing offer from Toyota Financial Services, suddenly a Mirai could be parked in the home carport for $13,000 before taxes and fees.   

Cars Direct says a dealer bulletin outlines an offer that is almost as sweet, but for the 2024 Mirai. The newest round of savings comes via APR Cash, putting $33,000 on the hood of the upper Limited trim or $25,000 on the hood of the base XLE trim. At current pricing, the Limited would come down to about $35,000, the XLE would come down to about $26,000. This promotion can also be combined with the $15,000 hydrogen fuel card and the offer of 0% financing for 72 months through Toyota Financial for approved customers.

The Mirai is only sold in California, which is also the only state with public hydrogen fuel pumps for light-duty passenger vehicles. Shell's move seems to have choked Mirai sales this year, as well as those for the similarly powered Hyundai Nexo. SoCal Toyota dealers moved between 2,000 and 3,000 Mirais in each of the past three years; through the first six months of this year, less than 250 have made it off dealer lots. Over at Hyundai, 408 Nexos found good homes in 2022, 241 Nexos got rehomed in 2023, through the end of June this year, the number is less than 80 units.

If you're tempted to take Toyota up on what might be the best deal on any new vehicle today, Cars Direct says the promotion runs until July 31.

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