$20K worth of art stolen from Windsor studio

$20K worth of art stolen from Windsor studio

When Dan Bombardier opened his downtown art studio Sunday morning he found a smashed window and walls once covered in creativity stripped bare.

Screws dotted the walls where at least 12 paintings and prints had been hanging the night before. Electronics, including a laptop covered in stickers and a phone, were also taken from the Pelissier Street studio around 8 a.m. The Windsor artist estimates his losses at $20,000.

"They're all gone," he said, his arm sweeping across bald patches that stand out in a studio covered in bright colours and graphics. "Our empty shelves were a collection of different pieces from friends around the world and somebody decided to take it."

Bombardier has posted pictures of the pieces that were taken on his Facebook page in hopes somebody might see his stolen art and report it.

A report of the theft has been filed with police and an investigation is ongoing, but Bombardier said any slowdown is damaging to the busy shop.

"If we had to remake all of that artwork it's probably a couple months of work," he said, describing the loss as more than a "speed bump."

The theft marks the second time in recent months the studio was hit — three paintings were stolen on Christmas Eve.

Bombardier said he's installing a new security system and cameras but that won't bring back the missing paintings, a loss that stings as much as the financial loss.

"It's kind of disheartening," he said. "But we're just hoping the community can help us get it back."