21 Questions with Alison Coffin

Jeremy Eaton/CBC

We're back again with 21 questions for the leaders of the provincial parties!

This time, NDP Leader Alison Coffin is in the hot seat.

CBC's Leigh Anne Power continues to quiz the party leaders with the hard-hitting stuff you may want to know about your potential premiers. 

What's the last concert you attended? I was supposed to be going to see the Chicago Open Air concert on May 18 and 19, but now I can't go. 

What's your favourite cartoon character? Right now I'm saying the Martian on Bugs Bunny, but I'm a big fan of South Park too.

Do you squash spiders or put them outside? Depends on if it's cold out or not, but quite often I put them outside. I do that with wasps too. 

What's something nice you can say about one of your opponents? They have lovely suits. 

Do you believe in ghosts? I believe that there is something that we're not totally tuned into. 

Who do you think has been the province's greatest premier? I'm going to go with [the Telegram's] Brian Jones's answer and say Lorraine Michael is the best premier we've never had. 

What animal would you like to be reincarnated as? A dog who gets lots of belly rubs.

What's the last book you read? When To Rob a Bank by [Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, authors of] Freakonomics, and that's kind of interesting because my mom was a Freake and I, of course, am an economist. So Freakonomics is a big thing for me.

What would be your last meal on death row? Possibly my mom's homemade bread, and apricot jam or blackcurrant jam. 

What's a purchase you really regret? Oh, there's so much clothes.  

Do you have a pet? Not anymore, but I've had dogs for a very long time. 

What possession of yours do you value the most? My coffee maker.  

What's your most embarrassing moment? Oh dear, no. There's been many. 

Have you ever peed your pants as an adult? Laughing hard. 

What did you want to be when you were five? Maybe a teacher, but I don't really remember. I'm definitely supposed to be a politician. 

Have you ever stolen anything? No. 

What's a talent of yours that people might be surprised to learn about? I make very, very good cream puffs.

How would you describe a sunset to a blind person? Wow, that's a really good question. I would do it by way of how it makes me feel. It's peaceful, and serene, and it's a wonderful conclusion to the end of the day and it gives you a real sense of satisfaction when it's kind of magnificent.

What was your first car? My own first car, I do believe it was a five-speed Honda Accord — tan. But, for a very long time I drove a Chevette and a 1981 Ford LTD station wagon. 

Do you pray? From time to time. I had a yoga instructor that really taught me what prayer was about. It was, for me, more about communing with nature, and the world, and sending out vibes and receiving them back. 

What's your favourite colour? Oh, it has to be orange now, but I like them all. They're so great. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.Similar interviews with PC Leader Ches Crosbie and Liberal Leader Dwight Ball have also been done. NL Alliance Leader Graydon Pelley didn't respond to multiple requests from CBC for this segment.   

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