22 electric vehicle chargers coming

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There will be 22 chargers at eight locations across Strathroy and Mt. Brydges to juice up your ride coming soon.

Council approved the public ports at a cost of $110,000 plus HST to come out of municipality’s green energy reserve fund.

Staff have been working with ChargerCrew Canada Inc. on applying for funding from the Department of Natural Resources, which is matching the $110,000.

The staff report by director of community services Robert Lilbourne does say the intent is to have operating costs be paid by users paying with credit and debit cards.

Future Strathroy-Caradoc municipal vehicles will also be using them as they transition to electric. Four electric vehicles are on order for this year.

“The (charging) units that we’re looking to purchase can take two to three hours for a full charge. You can purchase units that are a fast charge that take very little time to charge your vehicle, and those would be the ones that you would see more on the OnRoute along the 400 series highways,” said Lilbourne.

But he added part of the idea of getting these chargers was to get in on EV tourism.

“They find a spot, plug it in and then go shop for a couple hours or visit different amenities within the community,” said Lilbourne.

Four charging ports will be installed at two locations in Mt. Brydges, with the other 18 ports at six locations in Strathroy.

Coun. Larry Cowan asked why not one for Melbourne with its location seeing a lot of traffic going by.

Lilbourne said the only municipal property in Melbourne with the Hydro capacity was at the fire station, which could affect emergency services.

“I think we need to keep in mind this is only the beginning of the way we’re going with electric vehicles. The way the world is going, it’s going to escalate every year and then we’re going to have to add more chargers everywhere as time goes on,” said Coun. Frank Kennes.

Mayor Joanne Vanderheyden ended the discussion by pointing out people are also installing their own chargers, so it was not all on the municipality.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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