24-hour gym opening in Wingham, smoothie bar coming soon

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WINGHAM – Hailey and Cody McCann are celebrating their most significant milestone as they prepare to welcome you to downtown Wingham’s new 24-hour access gym and smoothie bar.

Duck, Duck, Juice + gym will open its doors at 3 Patrick St. (at the corner of Josephine and Patrick) for an open house event on Sept. 23 from 5-8 p.m. and Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The gym will be available for use immediately, and the smoothie bar’s anticipated start will be in January 2023.

Initially, the plan was to open the smoothie bar and follow up with the gym, but as the momentum gained, they discovered the 24-hour access gym was getting the most interest.

The couple switched their focus to the gym and began installing the equipment.

They will provide coffee and water for their clients until the smoothie bar is in operation.

Some of the exciting equipment they have brought include a stair master, a tread climber, an inversion table, and a rack and cage (a secure way to bench press weights without a spotter is one of its uses).

There are several weight training areas as well as cardio workout equipment.

Additionally, there is a shower area for clients that is available but for the time being, due to health-related COVID protocols, it will be a “bring your own towels” situation.

In the future, Hailey said there would be towels provided, but they are thinking safety first and have opted not to take the risk.

Extra precautions will be taken to ensure every patron is safe from COVID in the gym. Hailey said there would be hand sanitizing stations, masks available for those who choose to wear one and disinfecting wipes and sprays to clean the equipment between uses.

The entire gym will be cleaned and sanitized regularly by staff as well.

Completely accessible, including ramps to the building and a fully accessible washroom, the new gym and smoothie bar will welcome everyone through their doors.

Once the refreshment area is complete, they will offer different flavours of homemade smoothies with several options, including fresh and frozen fruits, frozen or plain yogurt, protein shakes, pre-workouts, and meal replacements.

Also planned is a variety of easy breakfast and snack foods like granola bars, fruit cups, and fresh fruit that will be available for purchase.

Hailey said they attempted to coincide with people’s morning routine and “bring healthier lifestyles to Wingham.”

After the couple experienced some mental health struggles, they found that changing lifestyles and doing things like going to the gym and eating healthier put them in a better place.

Cody began working with a personal trainer, and that experience was paramount in the decision to open Duck, Duck, Juice + gym.

“We were really looking for a place, especially for the younger crowd to go if they get stressed out with mental health,” Hailey said. “There’s always gonna be a door open for them to go and burn off some of that emotion and pain they might have.”

Cody explained that his goal is to share his new mindset from his new lifestyle.

He said that physically and mentally, he felt better. The lifestyle he is now living has given him some extra drive and motivation, and he wants to share that with others.

The plans for this new venture are exciting, and the couple hopes to add other services as they move along. Some of the possibilities include the addition of a nutritionist, self-defense classes, and maybe a massage therapist.

Access to the gym will be granted after payment and will include a key code to get in the main door and a fingerprint entry pad to enter the inside door.

Hailey and Cody look forward to serving the town of Wingham with this new and exciting venture, and they are grateful for all of the interest they have received on their social media pages.

You can contact Hailey and Cody for more information by phone at 519-357-6002 or email at duckduckjuice@hotmail.com.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times