25 Shocking And Unsettling Pictures I Saw This Week That Shouldn't Exist

Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

1.This candle that you light when you want to summon the spirit of Chef Boyardee:

a Chef Boyardee candle
u/Whowhywearwhat / Via

2.This hardwood bed frame:

A wooden bed frame with a penis on it
u/TipsyRussell / Via

3.This absolutely terrifying bucket hat:

4.This voyeur-friendly bathroom door:

a bathroom door with a window
u/Pumuckl4Life / Via

5.These shoes that say "fuck you" better than words ever could:

Brown shoes with the middle finger raised at the tip
u/Slow-moving-sloth / Via

6.This creative but entirely unnecessary aquatic fruit display:

an aquatic fruit display
u/unoiamaQT / Via

7.This bong that won't exactly help with paranoia:

a scary bong
u/ThiccyRicky / Via

8.These homemade loafers:

loafers shaped like bread
u/Vinsanity4Real / Via

9.This hostile architecture:

  John S Lander / LightRocket via Getty Images
John S Lander / LightRocket via Getty Images

10.This mural of the new Holy Trinity — the father, the son, and the holy GOAT:

A mural with Conan O'Brien at the center
u/byrobot / Via

11.This party potato salad loaf, for when all the guests are your mortal enemies:

"Party Potato Salad"
Hellmann's / u/fuck-fascism / Via

12.These impressively weird holiday-themed nails:

holiday-themed nail art

Don't they know the art is supposed to go on top of the nail...?

u/fishylittlefishstick / Via

13.This three-foot-tall (!!!) Snoop Dogg bobble head that's an absolute "must-have for any Snoop Dogg fan" and a must-not-have for everyone else:

A Snoop Dogg bobble head
@killjoyandproud / Via Twitter: @killjoyandproud

14.These basketball heels, for when you have to attend a gala right after the game:

basketball shoe heels
u/captainplanet117 / Via

15.Is this sharp-tipped sneaker trend here to stay? All signs point to yes:

sneakers with pointed toes
u/fishbethany / Via

16.This toilet for two*:

Two toilets connected

*as in "number two"

u/owimsad / Via

17.It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...deeply upsetting squirrel taxidermy:

a taxidermied squirrel opening its pelt to reveal a Superman logo
u/SoupyDoorman / Via

18.This chateau-derie platter:

a charcuterie with a house built at the center
u/TheAcquiescentDalek / Via

19."A cowboy hat like no udder":

a cowboy hat with udders on top
u/fishbethany / Via

20.This bread-less sandwich that makes me want to cry:

an onion sandwich
u/carocaine / Via

21.This unbearably cool taxidermy fox that you wouldn't want to run into in the wild:

a taxidermy fox
u/FreeClimbing / Via

22.These wild shoes that could only be pulled off by 2012-era Nicki Minaj:

colorful heel shoes
u/MuffMagician / Via

23.This statue that's either a bargain or a ripoff, depending on how much of a Star Wars fan you are:

"Life Size Star Wars Statue"
@killjoyandproud / Via Twitter: @killjoyandproud

24.This shoe bag that proves I will never, ever understand fashion:

a purse in the shape of a shoe
u/UnidentifiableSock / Via

25.And finally, say hello to your newest sleep paralysis demon:

"Handmade clay sculpture"
@bisexualbugs / Via Twitter: @bisexualbugs

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