25 years in prison for Ukrainian accused of setting Russian railway on fire

Sergiy Karmazin
Sergiy Karmazin

A Ukrainian national, Serhiy Karmazin, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for allegedly setting fire to railway equipment in Moscow Oblast, according to the Solidarity Zone project report on April 30. Karmazin was also fined 700,000 rubles (approximately $7,500).

The report detailed that Karmazin is to serve six years in a standard prison followed by 19 years in a maximum security colony. The Solidarity Zone Project indicated that the court's decision was made on March 28, but it was not publicized at the time. Karmazin himself later disclosed his sentencing.

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Karmazin was convicted under charges including espionage, training in sabotage activities, preparation to manufacture explosives, planning a terrorist attack, and participating in a sabotage and terrorist group.

Karmazin has since appealed the court's decision.

Radio Liberty wrote that Karmazin was first suspected of sabotage, was locked in a pre-trial detention center and was not allowed to have a lawyer.

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Karmazin was arrested in February 2023. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claims he targeted railway infrastructure between the Kutuzovskaya and Vesnianaya stations. Subsequent to his arrest, Russian intelligence services released a video where a man, his face obscured, alleges that he was coerced by "Polish special services and the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service)" while working in Poland in November 2022. In the video, he claimed compliance was forced through threats against his daughter.

SBU denied cooperating with Karmazin. Employees of special service said that he was on list of prisoners of war, according to Russian outlet Vot-tak.

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