26 Entitled Internet Troublemakers Who Need Their Keyboard Privileges Revoked And Wi-Fi Access Cut Stat

1.This couple who's looking for a free sperm donor through a Buy Nothing Facebook group:

Screenshot of a Facebook post

2.This birthday beggar who spiraled online:

"I made my birthday list out of everything..."

3.This person who will sell you these bricks if you destroy the house to get them:

"Bricks are for sale"
u/zonianjohn / Via

4.This person who was too cruel and greedy to even fork out $10 for a service they inquired about:

"I can do 10 for 30 minutes"
u/PaySep03 / Via

5.This person who is even less likely to get a date after posting this trash:

"No Male friends"

6.This person who asked for a specific free car on a Buy Nothing Facebook group:

"Photos for reference"

7.This person who would like a sizable discount on a phone because they were bullied as a kid and currently struggle with indigestion:

"I have chronic indigestion"

8.This person whose family Disney trip "didn't count" as a Christmas gift:

"But it was kinda a slap in the face"

9.This person who really just wanted a TV and stereo all along:

"Would you have a spare tv and stereo please"

10.This person who wants a free DEEP clean of their house:

"No, a DEEP clean."

11.This person who publicly complained about free Christmas gifts:

"Has anyone else had a poor exp this year?"

12.This person who wants an experienced nanny/housekeeper who they only have to pay $75 A WEEK:

"I can offer about $75 a week"

13.This person looking for some donations to add to their personal collection:

"Two small table lamps with cute shades"

14.This person who would happily take a free, high-end couch:

"if anyone has money burning a hole in their pocket and want to buy me a roche bobois couch..."

15.This person who will pay you $20 a day to watch their toddler:

"I pay $20 a day"

16.This person who's probably going to be real mad when no one accepts their outrageous offer:


17.This incredibly unsettling exchange that went from 0 to 100 real fast:

"Yeah definitely a no now"

18.This person who only wants to pay a dog sitter $30 a day for at least a 47-day commitment:

"so far I need someone for 47 days"

19.This person who asked for a discount and got told no:

"Don't ask for a discount"

20.This person who wants to pay someone $50 a weekend for 48 hours of babysitting:

"Will pay 50$ per weekend on Sunday morning"

21.This person who demanded free stuff because they have given away free stuff before:

"So I find they pick and Chose who to help and not give first come first serve ."

22.This magazine that only wants free labor:

"Good luck charging to make a post man"

23.This incredible opportunity:

"Thanks in advance."

24.This person who sounds totally chill and awesome to work for:

"I have security cameras. I do not play games."

25.This person who wants to borrow a car they can smoke in:

"I do need to be able to smoke cigarettes in the vehicle I would be borrowing."

26.And, this beggar who immediately got put in their place:

"Are you stupid"

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars