26 Creepy Photos I Found This Month That — Between You And Me — I Feel Like I Wasn't Exactly Supposed To See

1.This translucent, colorless pickle slice that feels illegal to look at, TBH:

a hand holding a see-through pickle slice

2.These footsteps that start and end with no trace, which can only be the work of a) aliens, b) ghosts, or c) alien ghosts:

Footprints in the snow
u/bluetuba24 / Reddit / Via

3.This cursed picture frame backing that I can only assume absorbed the very soul of the last person whose picture was in it:

A face and hand on the back of a photo frame
u/NotAnotherBeeMovie / Reddit / Via

4.This picnic table that it seems the spiders are reserving for a spider celebration:

A picnic table covered in spiderwebs

5.These mannequins someone spotted at an observatory that are a littttttle too realistic for my comfort (and the chipping paint revealing SKIN-COLORED PAINT UNDERNEATH certainly does not help!!!!):

Closeup shots of a realistic mannequin
u/After-Boysenberry-96 / Reddit / Via

6.This person who I can only assume had their prescription instructions written by a literal space alien who was trying their best to stay in disguise as a pharmacist:

Screenshot of a prescription
u/bigbeefybananaboy / Reddit / Via

7.The hidden skull inside this cut of meat that feels a bit like a threat, if I'm being honest:

A face on a cut of meat
u/LucidCunning / Reddit / Via

8.This sea snail that can certainly ~sea~ you, too:

A sea snell
u/Lostinwendysmaze / Reddit / Via

9.This cat who has seemingly learned how to levitate (obviously so it can reach the cabinet where the treats are kept):

a cat on a floating bowl
u/princessMorris / Reddit / Via

10.This miner's tombstone, which (when translated to English) reads, "Here rests Nicolas Zangerle, who was crushed on the second of August, 1884 by the fall of this stone, which has now become his tombstone."

A miner's tombstone

11.This bird with super long, super curly toenails that I do not trust and slightly fear:

A bird with long nails
u/suspenseful_pencil / Reddit / Via

12.The person who took this photo and couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched, only to turn around and see this:

Eyes coming out of a box
u/DaNips_Stasis / Reddit / Via

13.This absolutely terrifying Shirley Temple doll that was already creepy in and of itself, but gets 10 times more unsettling when you learn that HER EYEBALLS ARE URANIUM??? I will be seeing her in my nightmares tonight, I fear:

A Shirley Temple doll with glowing eyes
u/Scsimpson1031 / Reddit / Via

14.This brick-lined path that seemingly crosses right through this tree without a problem (and blowing my mind in the process):

A path that appears to cut right through a tree
u/yosha / Reddit / Via

15.This mall that — according to OP — is nowhere near any power plants but for some reason has this huge radiation emergency sign on display. Like...what do they know that we don't??????

"Where to go in a radiation emergency"
u/HelpMeWithMyHWpls / Reddit / Via

16.This person who went into the salon to get highlights, and left with half her body missing???

A woman whose bottom half of her body appears to be missing
u/auratus1028 / Reddit / Via

17.This marvelous goblet someone found at a thrift store that probably shouldn't exist, but I am so, so glad it does:

A goblet in the shape of a red solo cup

18.This doll that, TBH, I'm just gonna let OP explain: "I got this doll at Goodwill in 1988. He wouldn't stop staring out the window at me. He survived my apartment fire. He stays in the basement. I cannot part with this doll."

A scary clown doll
u/JewsEatFruit / Reddit / Via

19.This purple stop sign that also seems confused as to why it's there:

A purple stop sign
u/quack785 / Reddit / Via

20.This neighbor who for some inexplicable reason owns this creepy ass cutout?? mannequin?? phantom??? and has decided that the best place to keep it is in the window, staring directly into their neighbor's home (and, probably, soul):

A scary mannequin by someone's window
u/SharkoKingThe1st / Reddit / Via

21.This person who bought a used Blackberry and certainly didn't expect the previous owner's texts to still be on it...let alone for this to be what they said:

"you don't need all organs"

22.This unplowed yard that inexplicably has no snow on it, which can only mean that it's secretly hiding a portal to hell underneath it, right?

A snowy yard
u/BaunerMcPounder / Reddit / Via

23.This grocery store that sells jars of "gelatinous mutant," which I'm pretty sure is an X-Men character:

"Gelatinous Mutant"

24.This person who ordered a used copy of Sharp Objects online and has seemingly been warned that a baby will be delivered in a couple months, too:

A sonogram on top of a book
u/anandhakris / Reddit / Via

25.This perfectly rectangular iceberg floating around Antarctica that is exactly what I imagined that one iceberg in Club Penguin would look like IRL:

a square-shaped iceberg
u/Phlogistoned / Reddit / Via

26.And finally, this photo of the backrooms...I mean, of the inside of an air mattress, which is way more ominous than I ever anticipated it'd be:

View inside of a mattress
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / Reddit / Via

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