27 Hilariously One-In-A-Million Things That Happened — With Photographic Proof

27 Hilariously One-In-A-Million Things That Happened — With Photographic Proof

Let me tell you something — this universe sure has one heck of a sense of humor.

The image features six faces from "The Office" TV show expressing various reactions: Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Stanley Hudson, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, Kevin Malone

Don't believe me? Well, then how else do you explain these hilarious, one-in-a-million photos people snapped?

1.Like, how could these two trucks have ended up riding side-by-side without some higher (hilarious) intervention?

Two trucks labeled "Taylor" and "Swift" are side by side on a highway, creating an amusing visual pun referencing the singer Taylor Swift
u/Yukamoo / Via reddit.com

2.Or how could this at bat in a minor league baseball game happen, where a dude named Wyatt Olds pitched to a batter named Wyatt Young?

Scoreboard at a Portland Sea Dogs game showing stats for players Wyatt Young and Wyatt Olds, including batting averages, home runs, and pitching records
u/chchoo900 / Via reddit.com

3.How could this dashboard end up so incredibly mischievous?

Car dashboard displaying 420 miles to empty with an odometer reading of 88085.0 miles
u/pipdrivnjess / Via reddit.com

4.And how could this moment happen, when the score was 69–69 (and the visible numbers on the white jerseys added up to...you guessed it)?

Basketball game between Oregon and Seton Hall with tied score at 69-69. Players are on the court and scoreboard is visible showing time left as 1:09 in the 2nd period
u/wonderflex / Via reddit.com

5.I mean, how could you see this self portrait that a pigeon somehow pooped out...

A hand holds a dried leaf with a bird-shaped stain in the center
u/Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat / Via reddit.com

6....or this Spider-Man toy that — after being left in the garage — acquired some fresh webbing, and not go, "OK, Universe, good one!"?

Close-up of a Spider-Man figurine showcasing intricate webbing details on its suit
u/Phildagony / Via reddit.com

7.Someone woke up the night after boiling corn beef to find the pot looking like this...and you're going to tell me it was by chance (and not the work of some cosmic comedian)?

A large pot with liquid inside shows a smiling face pattern formed by foam or residue floating on top
u/RepresentativeTurn27 / Via reddit.com

8.Two trucks — TWO! — got stuck at the same time on the same overpass, and I'm not supposed to think that something bigger than us is having a laugh?

Two trucks are wedged under an overpass, blocking traffic on a multi-lane road. Several vehicles are stopped nearby
u/DareYouGo / Via reddit.com

9.I mean, if you were the universe — or some supremely powerful (and cheeky) being — how could you resist engineering this near bull's eye?

A flipped car is seen in front of a Target store with a firefighter examining the scene and several bystanders looking on
u/jesse1204 / Via reddit.com

10.Or this perfect row of bald men on a bus?

Bus passengers with bald heads and white hair are seated in line, making an unintentionally humorous pattern
u/AceOS24 / Via reddit.com

11.Or making the sign for Moon St. point to...the moon?

A streetlight with a green light is under a green road sign that reads "MOON" with an arrow pointing right. The moon is visible in the sky
u/dgrace97 / Via reddit.com

12.Then there's this photo of a bird joining formation with planes at an air show, which is ripe with comic symbolism (the folly of man trying to outdo nature, etc.), you know?

An eagle flies in a V-formation with seven red jets trailing smoke, creating a striking and unusual aerial scene
u/spriz2 / Via reddit.com

13.And this dropped bottle of soy sauce making a perfect circle has got to be the work of something higher, don't you agree?

A bottle of soy sauce lies on a wooden floor with a spill around it
u/sirrtaver / Via reddit.com

14.If you're still not a believer, may I show this "late for anal" license plate (NOT a vanity plate) that some poor driver was issued?

New Jersey license plate with the text "L84ANL" on a blue car

15.Or this equally outrageous plate that a driver was issued?

Person holding a Pure Michigan license plate that reads "EA7 6193," alongside a pamphlet. Items on the desk include a wheel rim and a small speaker
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

16.I really do think the universe likes to play jokes on us, you know?

Two identical orange and white cats in a kitchen. The caption above explains that one was found after an ad was posted, leading to the discovery of a second lookalike cat
u/kmellz04 / Via reddit.com

17.How else do you explain this person's final axe toss of the day ending up like this?

A wooden target with numbers 1 to 4 and a red bullseye, an axe is stuck in the bullseye
u/Wordandname / Via reddit.com

18.Or this truck that somehow crashed...like THIS?

A Penske moving truck is lifted off the ground, crashed into the side of a house, causing structural damage. Power lines are down nearby
u/solateor / Via reddit.com

19.Do you really think a lightning bolt hitting a vent, traveling up the pipes, and exploding a toilet is just happenstance and not divine, Dumb and Dumber-esque comedy?

Bathroom showing a severely damaged toilet with broken pieces scattered on the floor. The image appears to be from an Internet Finds article
u/rainbowarriorhere / Via reddit.com

20.Or that this frisbee — thrown during a game of disc golf — just lodged itself into a sign saying golfing was prohibited?

Two red frisbees stuck into a farm sign that prohibits dogs, horses, golfing, and metal detectors beyond certain points. Outdoor field in the background
u/cburke3443 / Via reddit.com

21.How about this fish that jumped up at EXACTLY the perfect time to pull off this epic photobomb?

Large fish appears flying over a boat with several people on a river, resembling a playful optical illusion
u/Doctor_Omega / Via reddit.com

22.Or this thoughtful tree that fell over and left this car totally unscathed?

A large tree has fallen across a street, crushing cars and blocking both the sidewalk and the road in a city area. People are standing nearby, observing the scene
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via reddit.com

23.I mean, I can't believe this sign burned out...but somehow still worked, you know?

The exterior of a Home Depot store at sunset with cars parked in the foreground
u/DethrowDigitals / Via reddit.com

24.Like, how did it happen here, too?

Storefront of Five Below with the slogan "hot stuff. cool prices." displayed prominently above the entrance
MohammadOsama123 / Via reddit.com


A Dollar Tree store at night with cars parked outside. The store's sign says "Everything's $1.00"
u/jigsawz_ / Via reddit.com

26.Also, how the heck is this glass of wine still standing with a broken stem?

A glass of white wine on a table, with a TV showing a person in the background, modern living room with plants and bookshelves
u/-jsm- / Via reddit.com

27.Look, you may not agree with me (and that's fine if you don't!), but I can't believe someone could snap a photo of the exact second a seagull swiped a sandwich without a little help from the funny folks upstairs! I'm a believer!

A bird is grabbing a hot dog from a bun, with a scenic lake and mountain background in the distance
u/jasontaken / Via reddit.com

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