27 unique volumes of Brothers Grimm fairy tales discovered in Poland

The cover page of an original edition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales
The cover page of an original edition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales

Researchers discovered 27 original volumes containing the lost works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the library of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Polish science news outlet Nauka w Polske reported on May 2.

The Brothers Grimm, who collected, committed to paper, and popularized many German folk tales, are considered some of the most famous folklorists in the world.

A number of their works were considered to be permanently lost following World War 2.

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However, recent research at the Adam Mickiewicz University Library led to an unexpected discovery — specialists managed to find 27 original volumes with rare prints and unique editions. All of them are a valuable resource for researchers.

The volumes are contain a large number of footnotes by the authors, making them an even more important find.

Presumably, the books were brought to the university library in Poznań in the post-war period, following the evacuation of many priceless literary works during the war.

This discovery suggests that other libraries may also contain works from the Brothers Grimm's private collection.

The news of this important historical discovery has caused considerable interest among literary researchers and folklorists, who can now more fully explore the legacy of the Brothers Grimm and their influence on world literature.

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