2nd episode of ‘The Bachelor’ was filled with drama. It didn’t faze frontrunner from Georgia.

“He’s confident and knows what he wants. That sets apart a man from a boy,” Charity Lawson, a Columbus native, said at the beginning of episode two of “The Bachelor” this week.

Charity can be seen smiling, laughing and chatting with the girls. But does she get some time with Zach in this episode?

Well, most of the episode was dedicated to the first group date and Latto’s “bad b----” challenge; then the episode took a turn and focused on Christina’s one-on-one with Zach.

However, Charity was chosen for the second group date and finally got some screen time and more importantly, time with Zach.

“For me, like I see something in you,” Zach told Charity in their one-on-one conversation. “I want to learn more about you because I feel like there’s a lot to unpack.”

“There is,” Charity giggled.

Zach smiled and looked into her eyes, then the pair shared a kiss during their alone time.

After returning to the rest of the group, Charity and the other girls spoke about their conversations with Zach.

“He just definitely was so good at like validating and reassuring, telling me that he wants me here,” Charity said. However, she did not receive the group date rose.

During the cocktail party before the second Rose Ceremony, Charity was caught smooching Zach in a quick shot, amid drama between Brianna and Christina.

Then, it was Rose Ceremony time.

Several women expressed their anxiety to the cameras, but Charity seemed calm and composed.

Charity was the fifth woman to be called at the Rose Ceremony and she happily accepted Zach’s rose.

Charity Lawson in episode two of ‘The Bachelor,’ season 27.
Charity Lawson in episode two of ‘The Bachelor,’ season 27.

Stay tuned for next week’s recap and more about our Georgia Peach in the Bachelor Mansion.

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